Learn Angular the Easy Way

  Online shopping, social media, healthcare, and banking – all are digitized today and offer a seamless user experience. These web platforms are optimized, reliable, and super responsive, thanks to Angular, the best framework for building such applications. Angular (or Angular v2) is written in TypeScript and is essentially an open-source JavaScript framework that enhances […]


What’s New In Angular 9

The wait for Angular 9 is finally over. With a range of exciting features, the release of Angular 9 is significant as it is a major release from Angular since the last three years.  Angular 9 introduces some changes to the ecosystem, the most remarkable being Ivy. Ivy enhances bundle size, paves way for quicker […]


New Features Of Angular 7

Angular is a popular framework for developing mobile and web applications. The first version of Angular was released in 2012 by Google. Through the years, it has seen tremendous growth with every version enhancing performance and developer experience. In this article we will discuss some of the powerful features of Angular 7. New Features Of […]


React vs Angular JS

React Vs Angular JS

For any business, choosing the right framework for a new Javascript implementation is crucial. This will have a direct impact on scalability of the app or website, further code maintainability, and project’s durability and ability to fit in deadlines. While choosing a framework, React & Angular JS are two of the most popular options that […]


Angular 4 vs Angular 5

Differences Between Angular 4 and Angular 5

Angular JS was developed in 2009 by Miko Hevery at Brat Tech LLC, as front-end web development application. Based on JavaScript, Angular JS is an open-source framework built on the concept of connecting the software components and creating user interfaces. The framework is currently maintained by Google. Angular JS was mainly built – To provide […]


The Frontend Battle: React vs Angular

The title of this post might have provoked a few thoughts in your mind. Some of you may have already declared React as the winner and many might be expressing your love for the Angular. Well, for some of you, the topic may seem totally illogical as you think these two Javascript approaches are way […]