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Advanced JavaScript Training

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Master advanced JavaScript techniques with our Advanced JavaScript Training to become the front end development expert your organization needs. Gain the practical expertise to deliver modern web interfaces that meet user and performance expectations.

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What is Advanced JavaScript Training about?

Gain an in-depth understanding of JavaScript, Require.js  and Backbone.js. In this Advanced Javascript course, learn to exploit the dynamic types and functional programming capabilities of JavaScript. Learn how to manage modules, file loading and templates using JavaScript.

Practice advanced JavaScript techniques on Cloudlabs while you learn under the mentorship of our industry expert.

By the end of this training, you will wield the skills to develop highly complex & effective JavaScript applications for any use case.

What are the objectives of Advanced JavaScript Training ?

At the end of this Advanced JavaScript training, you will be able to:
  • Understand and appreciate the dynamic typed nature of JavaScript language
  • Exploit the functional programming techniques in JavaScript
  • Resolve scope issues in JavaScript
  • Apply techniques for modularizing JavaScript code
  • Modularize and load JavaScript files using Require.js
  • Use Handlebar templates for UI templating
  • Master the techniques for organizing UI code using Backbone.js
  • Use advanced capabilities of Angular.js, Knockout.js & CoffeeScript
  • Deliver top-class JavaScript web interfaces
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is Advanced JavaScript Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop JavaScript based applications
  • Teams getting started or working on JavaScript projects

What are the prerequisites for Advanced JavaScript Training?

A basic understanding of JavaScript is required.

Course Outline

  • 1. Expressive JavaScript
    • The Flexibility of JavaScript
    • JavaScript as a Loosely Typed Language
    • Functions as First-Class Objects
    • Object Mutability
  • 2. Functions In Depth
    • Function Objects
    • Function Literal
    • Function Invocation Patterns
    • Augmenting Types
    • Recursion & Closures
    • Functions as Callbacks
    • Function Currying & Memorization
  • 3. Closures In Depth
    • How Closures Work
    • Private Variables, Callbacks and Timers
    • Binding Function Contexts
    • Overriding Function Behavior
  • 4. Object Orientation With Prototypes
    • Object Instantiation
    • Constructors
    • Inheritance and Prototype Chain
    • Extending Object
    • Extending Number
    • Instantiation Issues
    • Writing class-like code
  • 5. JavaScript Gotchas
    • Global Variables
    • Scope
    • Semicolon Insertions
    • Type Coercion
  • 6. Using Templates
    • Avoid string concatenation for dynamic generation of UI
    • Template syntax
    • Exploring Handlebar.js
    • Binding data to templates
    • Using pre-compiled templates
  • 7. Modular JavaScript
    • Techniques for modularizing JavaScirpt code
    • Using Require.js for loading dependent modules
  • 8. Introduction to Backbone.js
    • Need to organize UI code
    • Backbone Fundamentals - View - tModel - tCollection - tRouter -
    • Model Basics
    • Common Model Methods
    • View Basics
    • Collections Basics
    • Combining Models Views and Collections
    • Routes
  • 9. CoffeeScript
    • Overview
    • Compiler Choices
    • Syntax
    • Classes and Objects
    • Manipulating Strings
    • Working with Arrays
    • Functions
    • Using CoffeeScript with jQuery
  • 10. Express Overview of Angular.js and Knockout.js
    • Angular.js
    • Knockout.js

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this Advanced JavaScript online course has nearly a decade of development experience in Java, including 4 years of experience mentoring professionals preparing for the Advanced JavaScript certification.