Machine Learning

Deep Learning over Machine Learning

  What is Artificial Intelligence? AI is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. It is accomplished by studying how human brain thinks, and how humans learn, decide and work while trying to solve a problem. An outcome of this study is used as a basis of developing intelligent software and systems. […]


Introduction To Augmented Analytics

Data driven decisions are necessary to stay ahead in today’s VUCA landscape. Although data is readily available today, research shows that organizations are are still a long way behind leveraging data to the fullest.  A latest study by Forbes Insights and Treasure Data revealed that only 13% of the companies surveyed leveraged their customer data […]


Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning is the hype of today’s IT. Nearly every professional secretly covets a career in this domain. As there is no dearth of opportunities in this field, the popularity of ML will continue to remain intact in the foreseeable future. Anyone attempting to land a lucrative career in this domain should become firstly familiar […]


Top 10 Machine learning Interview Questions 2019

Emerging technologies have taken the world by storm. The innovations, opportunities and threats they have unleashed is like no other. Along with their growth, the demand for specialists in these areas has grown. As per the findings of a latest industry report, jobs in emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science rank […]


Applications of Deep Learning

10 Inspiring Applications of Deep Learning

The application of Deep Learning has outperformed the conventional processes ranging from natural language processing and computer vision. Whether in academics to study intelligence or in the industry of intelligent systems, Deep Learning is heavily used for various tasks. This nascent technology is percolating into smartphones, driving advancements in healthcare, creating efficiencies in the power […]


5 Hot AI & Machine Learning Trends

5 Hot AI & Machine Learning Trends for 2018

The mantra for technology evolution has been to replace or minimize human assistance with machines. Traditionally human support systems are rapidly being replaced by machines & by automation. The dependence on human decision-making is shrinking fast. If we take a domestic cooking gas stove as an example, we now have the automated safety gas stove […]


python vs r machine learning

Python vs R for Machine Learning – Which Is Better?

Data Science, an amazing combination of advanced statistical, mathematics expertise, problem-solving, data inference, algorithm development, business acumen, and real-world programming ability is all about capturing data in ingenious ways. Whereas Machine learning is a crucial part of data science. It is a set of algorithms that train on a data set to make predictions or take actions in order to segregate it. […]