Looking Back At What Made Java 10 Unique

Each version of Java brings with it a plethora of new features and improvements to the Java platform. In Java 10, we saw several new interesting features and capabilities for developers. Java 10’s new features were aligned with Java’s goal of rapid innovation without compromising compatibility and reliability. They went a long way in ensuring […]


TOP 30 Core Java Interview Questions

Released in 1995, Java is a popular computing platform and a programming language as well. With each day, there is an increases in the number of apps that are created using Java. Moreover, many apps and apps require Java to be installed in order to function. The prevalence of Java today is undeniable. From laptops […]


java annotations uses

5 Java Annotations Every Developer Should Know

Java Annotations are a unique kind of Java construct used to associate meta-data with other program features such as class, interface, fields, and methods. Annotations were developed to combat the shortcomings of XML which few architects and application developers found tricky to maintain. Their quest for something that could be closely coupled with code instead […]


Scala: “Java without semicolons”

If a programming language that carefully integrates the concepts of object-oriented and functional language is to be combined into one scalable avatar, I would say it is Scala “ an acronym for Scalable Language, signifying that it is designed to grow with the demands of its users. Reddit has conducted an interesting study comparing Scala […]