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Digital Marketing Professionals are not just made, they make an appearance when the learning path becomes highly attainable. This course is all you need to excel in the same by successfully implementing online campaigns for your business and marketing problems within the organization, by analyzing the way in which the Internet has changed the marketing mix elements and how organizations employ them creatively, by gain a fresh perspective on online marketing in a global scenario and many more…

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What is Digital Marketing Training about?

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. This term covers a wide range of marketing activities like paid search, search engine optimization, content marketing, social medial marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and automation of marketing.

What are the objectives of Digital Marketing Training ?

After the completion of the Digital Marketing Training Certification, you will be able to:

  • Understand Digital Marketing
  • Understand how to use it for branding and sales
  • Become familiar with Best Practices, Tools & Technologies
  • Understand what is social media marketing and how to rule in that.
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Who is Digital Marketing Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Digital Marketing skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Digital Marketing projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Digital Marketing Training?

    Basic Marketing Concepts orientation will be nice to have but not mandatory.

    Course Outline

    • What is Digital Marketing?
      • Introduction to Digital Marketing,
      • The 4-Cs of Digital Marketing,
      • Customer Persona,
      • Comparing digital and offline marketing,
      • Introduction to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools,
      • Introduction to sales funnels.
    • SEO Foundations
      • Introduction
      • Local SEO
      • SEO Measurement
      • Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes
      • Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines
    • SEO-Keyword Planning
      • Inbound Vs Outbound traffic,
      • Keyword Planning,
      • Domain Authority,
      • Page Authority,
      • Using Moz Toolbar Handout List of Keyword research tools Keyword research plan.
    • SEO-On Page
      • Understanding how Google search works,
      • On-Page SEO,
      • Optimizing Text,
      • Optimizing Images Using Meta Tags,
      • URL Structure, Redirects,
      • Handling duplicate content,
      • Site Speed,
      • Using Webmaster tool for On Page SEO.
    • SEO-Off Page
      • Off Page SEO,
      • Link Building Technique,
      • How to get Backlinks,
      • How to build content for Backlinks,
      • Using media and PR for Backlinks,
      • Internal Linking,
      • Using Webmaster for Off Page SEO,
      • Using SEO Powersuite to track keyword Ranking.
    • Social Media
      • Introduction to Social Media
      • Making the Message Stick and Spread
      • Social Media Channels
      • Engaging with Influencers
      • Listening and Reputation Management
      • Social Media Measurement
      • Integrating Social Media with Other Disciplines
    • Social Media Marketing-1
      • How to get referral traffic from other sites,
      • How to get Social Media referral traffic,
      • Driving referral traffic from Facebook,
      • Driving referral traffic from LinkedIn,
      • Driving referral traffic from YouTube,
      • Driving referral traffic from Twitter,
      • Other sources of Organic traffic.
    • Social Media Marketing-2
      • Running ads on Facebook,
      • LinkedIn,
      • YouTube and Twitter.
      • Using URL tagging and Google Analytics to track these paid campaigns.
    • Search Engine Marketing-Google Adwords
      • Introduction to Google search ads,
      • Sources for paid traffic,
      • Creating Ads in Google AdWords,
      • Display advertising,
      • Creating and Managing your Ad Campaign.
    • Content Marketing
      • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Content Marketing
      • Lesson 2 - Content Marketing Strategy
      • Lesson 3 : Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
      • Lesson 4 - Content Marketing Tactics
      • Lesson 5 - Social Media Platforms
    • Email Marketing
      • Introduction to Email Marketing,
      • Email Marketing Cycle,
      • Building Email List,
      • Creating a lead magnet,
      • Setting up a squeeze page,
      • Tackling spam,
      • Effective Content strategies,
      • Tips to improve conversion.
    • Mobile Marketing
      • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
      • Products and Services
      • Incentives and Loyalty Programs
      • Location Opportunities
      • Mobile Advertising
      • Mobile Audiences
      • Rules and Regulations
      • Mobile Measurement
      • Mobile and other Disciplines
    • Pay Per Click
      • Lesson 1 - Introduction to PPC
      • Lesson 2 - Account Hierarchy
      • Lesson 3 - The Buying Funnel
      • Lesson 4 - The PPC Auction
      • Lesson 5 - PPC Targeting Options
      • Lesson 6 - Keyword Research
      • Lesson 7 - Creating Compelling Ads
      • Lesson 8 - Measuring Goals and Bidding Options
      • Lesson 9 - PPC Audit
      • Lesson 10 - Integrating PPC with other Disciplines
    • Affiliate Marketing
      • Introduction to Affiliate marketing,
      • How Affiliate Marketing Works,
      • Major Affiliate Marketing channels,
      • How to set up and run Affiliate Marketing,
      • Making money from Affiliate Marketing as a blogger.
    • Conversion Optimization
      • Introducing Conversion Optimization
      • Laying the Foundations of Conversion
      • Getting to Know Your Customers
      • Creating the Message
      • Anatomy of a Landing Page
      • Why Design Matters
      • Testing for Conversions
    • Understanding Google Analytics
      • Introduction to Google Analytics,
      • Introduction to sales funnel,
      • Using Google Analytics to understand visitor behavior,
      • Heat Maps,
      • Introduction to Landing Pages,
      • Using Unbounce to create an effective landing page.
    • Mastering Google Analytics-1
      • Conversions & Goals,
      • Ecommerce Analytics,
      • Multi Channel Funnels,
      • Adwords Analytics,
      • Tracking website performance using Google Analytics,
      • Tracking form submissions and clicks using events,
      • Optimizing the overall campaign performance.
    • Mastering Google Analytics-2
      • Introduction to Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics,
      • Learning from your competitors,
      • Using Tools for competitive analysis.

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Digital Marketing Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.

    Digital Marketing Training - Certification & Exam

    Adword Certification


    The Google AdWords certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords. An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

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