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Be equipped to professionally develop Javascript applications. Work on cloudlab projects as you learn with our industry expert to master the foundations of the most used technology on world wide web.

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What is JavaScript Training about?

This JavaScript course imparts hands-on practical knowledge of the JavaScript programming language. The courses guides new JavaScript programmers through every essential technique from script setup to advanced DOM and CSS programming. Be the Javascript expert your organization needs with this comprehensive foundation course in Javascript.

Suggested Audience

The JavaScript training is best suited for all professionals intending to develop Javascript applications professionally.


What are the objectives of JavaScript Training ?

At the end of JavaScript Training course, participants will have a working knowledge of:

  • Data types, literals, and variables
  • Operators, control structures, and functions
  • Building dialog boxes and working with JavaScript objects using the Browser object: navigator, windows frames, dynamic images, and links
  • Event handling, regular expressions, and form validation
  • The JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Dynamic HTML
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is JavaScript Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add JavaScript skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on JavaScript projects
  • What are the prerequisites for JavaScript Training?

    A working knowledge of HTML is recommended.

    Course Outline

    • 1. Introduction to JavaScript
      • What JavaScript Is and What JavaScript Is Not
      • What JavaScript Is Used For
      • JavaScript and Events
      • What Versions? What Browsers?
      • Where to Put JavaScript
      • JavaScript and Old or Disabled Browsers
      • JavaScript from External Files
    • 2. Script Setup
      • The HTML Document and JavaScript
      • Syntactical Details
      • Generating HTML and Printing Output
      • About Debugging
    • 3. The Building Blocks: Data Types, Literals, and Variables
      • Data Types
      • Variables
      • Bugs to Watch For
      • Exercises
    • 4. Dialog Boxes
      • Interacting with the User Exercises
    • 5. Operators
      • About JavaScript Operators and Expressions
      • Types of Operators Number, String, or Boolean?
      • Datatype Conversion
      • Special Operators
    • 6. Under Certain Conditions
      • Control Structures, Blocks, and Compound Statements
      • Conditionals
      • Loops
    • 7. Functions
      • What Is a Function?
      • Debugging
    • 8. Objects
      • What Are Objects?
      • User-Defined Objects
      • Manipulating Objects
    • 9. JavaScript Core Objects
      • What Are Core Objects?
      • Array Objects
      • Array Properties and Methods
      • The Date Object
      • The Math Object
      • What Is a Wrapper Object?
    • 10. The Browser Objects: Navigator, Windows, and Frames
      • JavaScript and the Browser Object Model
    • 11. The Document Objects: Forms, Images, and Links
      • The Document Object Model
      • Introduction to Forms
      • Introduction to Images
      • Introduction to Links
    • 12. Handling Events
      • Introduction to Event Handlers
      • Event Handlers as JavaScript Methods
      • Handling a Window or Frame Event
      • Handling Mouse Events
      • Handling Link Events
      • Handling a Form Event
      • Handling Key Events: onKeyPress, onKeyDown, and onKeyUp
      • Handling Error Events
      • The event Object
    • 13. Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
      • What Is a Regular Expression?
      • What Is a Regular Expression?
      • Creating a Regular Expression
      • Getting Control-The Metacharacters
      • Form Validation with Regular Expressions
      • Creating a Regular Expression
      • Getting Control-The Metacharacters
      • Form Validation with Regular Expressions
    • 14. Cookies
      • What Are Cookies?
      • Creating a Cookie with JavaScript
    • 15. Dynamic HTML: Style Sheets, the DOM, and JavaScript
      • What Is Dynamic HTML?
      • What Is a Style Sheet?
      • Types of Style Sheets
      • Where Does JavaScript Fit In?
    • 16. JavaScript Web Resources
      • HTML Documents: A Basic Introduction - Intro to the Intro - tWhat Is HTML? HTML Tags - tThe Minimal HTML Document - tCharacter Formatting - tLinking - tAdding Comments - tCase Sensitivity - tGraphics and Images - tTroubleshooting - tMetatags, Cascading Style Sheets, and Java - tLooking Behind the Scenes (or, What Did We Do Before the Right-Click?) - tWhat About Frames? -
      • CGI and Perl: They Hyper Dynamic Duo - What Is CGI? - tInternet Communication Between Client and Server - tCreating a Web Page with HTML - tHow HTML and CGI Work Together - tLog Files - tWhere to Find CGI Applications - tGetting Information Into and Out of the CGI Script - tProcessing Forms with CGI - tThe CGIpm Module -

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this JavaScript Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.