Google Cloud Anthos: Modern Application Program

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Anthos is one of the top multi-cloud solutions that are ruling the market. Anthos is a modern application management program that provides a unified model for computing, networking, service management across clouds and data centers. As mentioned in Forbes, Anthos is one of the first official multi-cloud platforms from a public cloud provider (GCP). It provides a simple, flexible, and secure platform to build, deploy and optimize applications.

Technically, Anthos is built on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). GKE is an open-source cluster management system that helps to deploy, manage and scale the centralized applications using google infrastructures such as Compute Engine Instances in the form of clusters.

As stated in Forrester Total Economic Impact Study,  Using Anthos can allow enterprises to achieve the following targets within the span of 3 years.

  • Anthos provides faster application development, testing, and deployment that saves $5.3 million to $9.9 million in 3 years.
  • Consistent, unified security policy creation and governance can save up to $5.3 million to $9.7 million
  • Can achieve up to 4.8x return on investment (ROI)
  • A rise in platform operations efficiency can be from 40% to 55%
  • App migration and modernization can rise from 58% to 75%
  • Improvement in productivity for security tasks from 60% to 96%
  • Non-coding activities for developers from 38% to 23%

Anthos meet all the requirements of enterprises that manage complex and challenging hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It reduces the operational costs and provides a consistent way to develop, secure and manage the cloud environment.

What makes Anthos a powerful tool?

Anthos is evolving and getting better with new features and functionalities. The components mentioned below are combined to make Anthos a modern application management program.

  • GKE on-premises: Anthos is based on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) which controls and manages the clusters. GKE on-premises is hybrid cloud software that is used to create, manage and upgrade Kubernetes Clusters in an on-prem environment.
  • Anthos Config Management: Anthos Config Management provides a common configuration platform that can be applied in both on-premises and multi-cloud container environments. 
  • Anthos Service mesh: Anthos Service Mesh simplifies the delivery process of the services and secures communication between the services. It also offers simplified security along with robust tracking, monitoring, and logging to get the insights of the service performance. 
  • Migrate for Anthos: With Migrate Migrate for Anthos, an enterprise can easily extract, migrate and modernize the existing application and run natively on GKE containers and Anthos clusters. It is cost-effective and enhances the performance in deploying, operating, managing, and upgrading the containers. 
  • Cloud Run: A flexible serverless development platform powered by Knative that is used to develop and deploy highly scalable containerized applications on a fully managed serverless platform.

What are the challenges addressed by Anthos?

In this software-driven industry, there are many challenges faced by cloud users and developers. Few of the challenges faced by customers before Anthos.

  • Agility was disturbed due to legacy tools and infrastructure. According to the statement mentioned in Forrester Total Economic Impact Study, “It’s becoming critical for organizations to go to market quicker, to be competitive, reduce cost, and move to the cloud.”
  • Manual platform operations took a lot of time and error-prone without a consistent operating environment. This caused delays in deliveries and off-hours reconfigurations.
  • Configuring the application took a lot of time for development teams due to longer release cycles, managing security guidelines, and delayed customer feedback.
  • Organizations faced difficulty in managing security and compliance operations. They lacked a unified and consistent platform for applications.

All the above-mentioned challenges are addressed by Anthos with its unique key features mentioned below.

What are the Key Features of Anthos?

Container orchestration and management service at enterprise scale:

The main feature of Anthos is that we can run Kubernetes clusters both in on-premises and cloud. It can run without a hypervisor layer on existing virtualized infrastructure.

Automation of policy and security

Compliance and security requirements are met by defining, automating, and enforcing policies across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Integrates end to end security

Anthos includes comprehensive security controls across each stage of the application cycle. It also enables a defense-in-depth security strategy in all the deployment models.

Anthos Service Mesh with built-in visibility and traffic management. 

Anthos Service Mesh eases the deployment and operation work by enhancing the application performance and managing the traffic between monitoring and troubleshooting issues by collecting metrics, logs, and traces across Google Cloud and your applications.

Serverless platform

Anthos provides a serverless development platform with Cloud Run for Anthos, powered by an open-source project Knative. It allows you to deploy workloads to Anthos clusters running in Google cloud or on-premises.

What are the benefits of using Google Cloud Anthos for enterprises?

There are many proven benefits of using Google Cloud Anthos. Apart from the above-mentioned quantified benefits based on enhanced productivity of security and development, streamlined operation efficiency, and increased customer advocacy and retention. There are many other unquantified benefits as mentioned below

  • Strong and automated Security
  • Streamlined and automated platform
  • Faster delivery
  • Protective software supply chain
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Consolidated legacy platforms
  • Reduced costs for additional alternative tools
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Improvement in team performance
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience


Considering all the above-mentioned features and benefits, Anthos is truly a powerful tool and one of the top multi-cloud solutions. SpringPeople offers Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Authorized Training for enterprises. Enroll now to enhance the productivity of your team and know more about the Google Cloud Platform.

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