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Microsoft Azure Design and Configuration
Corporate Workshop/Training Course

  • 05Nov
    Bangalore, India, 05 Nov 2015 to 07 Nov 2015
    INR 19,950
  • 30Nov
    ONLINE, LIVE (20:30 - 22:30 IST), 30 Nov 2015 to 09 Dec 2015
    INR 19,950   Early Bird Offer: INR 17,950
This course is delivered as 3-day classroom or 12 x 2-hours Online Live sessions. It's heavy on hands-on Lab exercises, guided and evaluated by the trainer.
Trainer for this course is a Certified Instructor in the technology - with over 10 years experience as a Developer and Trainer.
Course completion certificate from SpringPeople. Completion of this training entitles students to sit the soon-to-be-launched, SpringPeople administered certification test, anywhere in the world.
Our dedicated team of expert training enablement advisors are available on email, phone and chat to assist you with your queries.
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We are happy to refund full fee paid - no questions asked - should you feel that the training is not up to your expectations. T&C Apply

Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure before March 25, 2014) is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure, created by Microsoft, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. It provides both PaaS and IaaS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.


At the end of Microsoft Azure training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Extend existing skills to the cloud delivery model
  • Build a simple web role application and deploy it to the cloud
  • Create a worker role project to perform backend processes
  • Store persistent data with Windows Azure Storage
  • Design a scalable database application in the cloud using Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Connect several cloud-based applications with Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Design a multitier solution that can scale to meet user demand

Suggested Audience - Developers & Architects

Duration - 3 Days

Prerequisites - The participants should have Microsoft Server platform knowledge with basic networking.


Suggested Attendees
  • Developers
  • Architects


1. Overview of Windows Azure IaaS Components

  • Introduction to cloud technology
  • Microsoft offering in public cloud
  • Windows Azure management Portal
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Affinity group
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Sizes
  • Virtual machine deployment
  • Disk & Images
  • Virtual Machine Availability Set
  • Data Import and Export Services

2. Infrastructure Service Networking

  • EndPoint Configuration
  • Virtual Network
  • Point to Site Connectivity
  • Site to Site Connectivity
  • Traffic Manager
  • Managing ACL (Access Control List)
  • Automation
  • Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

3. Cloud Services, Websites and Infrastructure Services

  • Windows Azure Compute
  • Virtual Machine and Cloud Services
  • Virtual Machine and Websites
  • Windows Azure Websites
  • Website Scalability
  • Auto-Scaling

4. Management & Monitoring

  • Monitoring Virtual Machines with the portal
  • Alert Rules
  • Application Deployment
  • Disk Configuration
  • Disk caching
  • StorSimple Overview
  • Managing with PowerShell
  • Auto-Scaling

5. Microsoft Azure IaaS - Deep dive

  • Windows Azure Security Overview
  • Windows Azure datacenters
  • Security extensions and configuration extensions
  • Extending On-premises domain to cloud
  • Windows Azure ingress and out grass traffic
  • Geo-redundant Storage

6. Windows Azure Pack

  • The Cloud OS vision
  • Service providers and enterprises
  • Windows Azure Technology
  • Management Portal
  • Web Sites Services
  • Virtual Machines Services
  • Deployment architecture
  • Deploying Windows Azure pack

7. Windows Azure Active Directory - Overview

  • Identity Challenges
  • Difference between Windows Server AD and Windows Azure AD
  • AD architecture options
  • Manage identity
  • SaaS Application integration
  • AD to ADD sync options
  • Configure Directory Synchronization.
  • Federated SSO
  • Configure SSO

8. Premium Offerings

  • Personalize access and Self Service capabilities
  • Company branding
  • Group-based application access
  • Self-Service Password reset
  • Self-Service group management
  • Advance security reports and alerts
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Forefront Identity manager (FIM)
  • Enterprise SLA 99.9 %

9. Backup & Recovery

  • Simple, automated protection
  • Replication and recovery to Azure
  • Continuous health monitoring
  • Orchestrated Recovery
  • Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud
  • Reliable offsite data protection
  • A simple and integrated solution
  • Create a backup vault
  • Backup agent
  • Manage backup vaults and servers

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  • I do not have the suggested prerequisites. Can I still attend the training?

    If you do not meet *Must Have* prerequisites, we advice you not attend the training. In case it's only the *Good to Have* prerequisites that you are not comfortable with, you can attend the training.

  • Do you cover everything in the duration mentioned for the course? Is that duration sufficient? What is my position after the training?

    Yes. The duration is sufficient to cover everything mentioned in the syllabus. After the training you can comfortably apply the learning from the training to production/live project.

  • How much of the training is hands-on?

    All our trainings take form of intense workshop with 100% hand-on/lab exercises.

  • Will I get support after the training?

    Yes, you can reach out to the instructor for any queries.


Very effective Scrum session with a deep dive into the methodology. Trainer has effective elobrative deligent knowledge on scrum and provides useful insights. Deserves a lot of applauds to have made Agile Scrum understanding so simple and crisp. The best training program!
Mahesh Mahesh MarketShare
Having worked on Mule for over a year - I registered for the Mule Essentials course just to clarify some of my long standing complex doubts. But, apart from getting clarity on my doubts, I learned so much more; my expertise on Mule jumped to the next level in just 3 days. Also Siva's knowledge and style of teaching is exemplary. All in all - an excellent course, delivered by a very knowledgeable instructor.
Pavitra Saxena Pavitra Saxena Wooqer
Java Design Patterns and UML course was very interactive and relevant to the topic. Enough time was given to think and discuss the concepts. The trainer ensured that he works with the participants while coding instead of giving readymade code to compile. Overall excellent return of investment!
Guru Guru Intuit