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Who is a good Soft Skills Trainer?

To get a job you need technical skills but to keep it and to excel in it, you need soft skills. Soft skills, neglected by many and heeded by some, is THE x-factor you need to have to succeed in your career. This factor is often neglected or not given enough importance during the hiring process but when it comes to being a team player, a leader and a manager, soft skills play a major role. One can excel as a leader, a problem solver, a delegating and motivating team builder with soft skills.

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Top 10 Skills to Acquire in 2017

As we entered 2017 and passed a quarter of the new year, one thing you may have noticed is the increasing demand for skilled workers in an ever-expanding job market. The IT labor market is always changing as technology keeps on evolving with every passing day. Therefore, IT professionals need to keep up with the changing skills demands to remain relevant in the industry.