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This course is for you if you want to learn advance concepts in java like inheritance, generics, IO and exception handling. Java threads and annotation are some of the advanced topics covered in the course.

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Course Description


SpringPeople's Java Deep Dive is a perfect course for Java developers who want to quickly learn advanced topics of Java; what a usual Java developer takes months and years to learn. It is also an excellent tool to equip a team with entire Java eco-system to start highly efficient rapid development of a Java project. This comprehensive course teaches almost all topics in the realm of Java world that Java developers use for application development.


At the end of Java Deep Dive training course, the participants will:

  • Understand Java as a purely object-oriented language, and implement software as systems of classes
  • Implement and use inheritance and polymorphism, including interfaces and abstract classes
  • Design appropriate exception handling into Java methods
  • Use the standard logging API to write diagnostic information at runtime
  • Understand the structure of streams in Java, and learn how to use streams to manage file I\/O
  • Learn how to use Java Serialization to internalize and externalize potentially complex graphs of objects
  • Make effective use of Java generic types
  • Write multi-threaded Java applications
  • Use the Reflection API for highly generic tasks, discovery, or code-generation
  • Use standard annotations and develop custom annotations to express meta-data in Java source files
  • Communicate between processes using network sockets

Suggested Audience

Developers, Architects

Duration - 3 Days


Basic Java Skills

Course Curriculum

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  • Java Classesn
  • Constructors and Garbage Collectionn
  • Relationships Between Classesn
  • Using thisn
  • Visibilityn
  • Packages and Importsn
  • Overloading Methods and Constructorsn
  • JARsn
  • Extending Classesn
  • Using Derived Classesn
  • Polymorphismn
  • Overriding Methodsn
  • Superclass Reference -
  • Reporting and Trapping Errorsn
  • Exception Handlingn
  • Throwing Exceptionsn
  • Declaring Exceptions per Methodn
  • Catching Exceptionsn
  • The finally Blockn
  • Catch-and-Releasen
  • Chaining Exceptions -
  • Class Loadingn
  • Static Membersn
  • Statics and Non-Staticsn
  • Static Initializersn
  • Static Importsn
  • Prohibiting Inheritance -
  • Separating Interface and Implementationn
  • Defining Interfacesn
  • Implementing and Extending Interfacesn
  • Abstract Classes -
  • Dynamic Collections vs. Arraysn
  • Genericsn
  • Using Genericsn
  • The Collections API -
  • Using Genericsn
  • Type Erasuren
  • Type Boundariesn
  • Wildcardsn
  • Generic Methodsn
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Genericsn
  • Legacy Code and Generics -
  • Delegation-Based Stream Modeln
  • InputStream and OutputStreamn
  • Readers and Writersn
  • Java Serializationn
  • File Streamsn
  • Sockets -
  • Java Thread Modeln
  • Creating and Running Threadsn
  • join and sleepn
  • Thread Synchronizationtn
  • wait and notifyn
  • The Concurrency API -
  • The Annotations Modeln
  • Annotation Types and Annotationsn
  • Built-In Annotationsn
  • Annotations vs. Descriptors (XML)nn -
  • The Reflection APIn
  • The Class n
  • Reading Type Informationn
  • Dynamic Instantiationn
  • Dynamic Invocation -
  • The @Test Annotationn
  • The Assert Class Utilityn
  • Test Runnersn
  • Lifecycle Methods -


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SPRINGPEOPLE SpringPeople Trainer


Software Developer
Siemens Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd
Course Material:
Class Experience:
Course was average, and not covered all the topics related to the subject. change the duration of course based on the subject.

SPRINGPEOPLE SpringPeople Trainer

Srikanth Dande

Associative Consultant
Course Material:
Class Experience:
It is better to have 3 days training.

SPRINGPEOPLE SpringPeople Trainer

Subash Mathews Thomas

IT Software Architect
Qatar Petroleum
Course Material:
Class Experience:
The training is excellent and the trainer has good knowledge of the course content. As all the attendants are planning to take the certification, it would be better to go through sample questions after each sessions daily to give a refresh for the audience on the topics covered. After the course, spring people can provide sample certificate question materials so that it would be helpful for preparing for the certification.

This class is intended for participants with some prior exposure to the technology and are now looking to build up their expertise on the topic.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be eligible to sit of the related certification exam (see course overview). All participants receive a course completion certificate, demonstrating their expertise on the subject.

Total duration of the online, live instructor led sessions. Sessions are typically delivered as short lectures (2-hrs weekdays/3-hrs weekends) and detailed hands-on guidance.

Expected offline lab work hours that participants will need to complete and submit to the trainer, during and after the instructor-led online sessions.

  1. We are happy to refund full fee paid - no questions asked - should you feel that the training is not up to your expectations.
  2. Our dedicated team of expert training enablement advisors are available on email, phone and chat to assist you with your queries.
  3. All courseware, including session recordings, will always be available to access to you for future reference and rework.

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