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SpringPeople sponsors and organizes non-commercial, open for all, user group meetings to encourage discussions and exchange of ideas and foster adaption of emerging technologies in the technical community. All Meetups are totally free; please feel free to go ahead and register (until the seats last).

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Meetup City Date
Video Jumpstart to Application Integration using Mule ESB Bangalore, India 01 Dec 2013
Google App Engine Bangalore, India 24 Nov 2013
Video Spring Best Practices & Cloud Foundry Bangalore, India 24 Nov 2013
Video Technology Selection: Deciding what will work best for your Start-up Bangalore, India 17 Nov 2013
Jumpstart to Application Integration using Mule ESB Bangalore, India 13 Oct 2013
Realtime applications using Bangalore, India 29 Sep 2013
JavaScript Design Patterns Bangalore, India 15 Sep 2013
Database Performance Engineering - An emerging yet critical role Bangalore, India 1 Sep 2013
Spring Meetup – RESTful Web Services & Spring Data JPA Bangalore, India 21 Jul 2013
A sip of CoffeeScript Bangalore, India 30 Jun 2013
"Express" development of Web Applications Bangalore, India 23 Jun 2013
Spring Meetup - Internals, Security and GemFire Bangalore, India 16 Jun 2013
Tech Talk:- Hadoop Architecture Bangalore, India 9 Jun 2013
JavaScript - Beyond Validations Bangalore, India 2 Jun 2013
Principles of Backbone.js Bangalore, India 12 May 2013
Get to know Node.js Bangalore, India 28 Apr 2013

What Past Meetup Attendees Say

Technology Selection meetup provided a lot of new perspective in looking at the different technologies that will give a big help in my first startup

Gowtham, Erode City

Good session, like the way how the session started with fundamentals and slowly covered with Node.js. Thanks to speaker and organizers!

Shekhar, Individual

I got to know about the Node.js meetup at 9 in the morning and decided to try... now am glad that I did... :)

Sunil, Individual

Well conducted Hadoop tech talk! Crisp and Clear… Nice Venue… In short, a wonderful 90 minutes package!.

Ganesh, Tarshan LIC

Excellent Talk on Hadoop! Thanks "SpringPeople" for organizing the event.

Praveen, Antenna Software

The features of Spring components are made clearly visible in the examples. Slides are clean, clear and well defined. Thanks Manju, Siva and of course SpringPeople!

Shrikanth, Individual

window.onload = function() { alert('Speaker you are THE BEST.. \n @SpringPeople:Thanks for supporting these meetups..'); }

Rakesh, Individual

What else I want from Sunday morning - wonderful weather, tech chats & "a Coffee with Magesh"!

Rakesh, Individual

Great talk on Database Performance Engineering arranged by SpringPeople. Thank You!

Dhananjay, Individual

Excellent presentation on JavaScript! Lots of confusing concepts about closures, prototypes are clarified now. Many thanks to SpringPeople for organizing this event!

Janardhan, Inoss

Good talk on closures and design patterns. Thanks to speaker and SpringPeople.

Ravi, Individual

Very useful session on JavaScript Design Patterns! Thanks to speaker for this session and also to SpringPeople for organizing this meetup.

Jose, Sapient