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Anypoint Platform Operations: API Management Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Certification Training

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Master the core skills needed to use RAML 1.0 and create well-designed and modular API. Be an expert in Anypoint Platform - API design which helps to design any API from start to finish with SpringPeople MuleSoft API management training.

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What is Mulesoft API Management Certification Training about?

SpringPeople Anypoint API management training will enable candidates to design, document, test, save and reuse APIs to build a full API spec.

With MuleSoft API design training, candidates will learn to convert design requirements into API methods and resources,  create API definitions using RAML 1.0 and how to make APIs discoverable.

The intensive hands-on training will give candidates a solid understanding of documenting and testing APIs, modeling data, reusing of pattern, modularizing APIs, securing APIs, enhance API response using hypermedia and much more.  Upon completion of the Mulesoft API design course, candidates will be equipped with the skills needed to create well-designed, modular API using RAML 1.0  

SpringPeople is the authorized training partner of MuleSoft. This training will help candidates to prepare for the “MuleSoft Certified Developer - API Design Associate exam”.

What are the objectives of Mulesoft API Management Certification Training ?

After attending the MuleSoft API management training, candidates will be able to:

  • Convert design requirements into API resources and methods
  • Create API definitions using API designer  
  • Define API resources, methods, parameters, and responses
  • Document and test APIs
  • Minimize repetition in API definitions using resource types and traits
  • Model data in APIs using data types
  • Modularize APIs using libraries, overlays, and extensions
  • Specify API security schemes
  • Pass MuleSoft Certified Developer - API Design Associate exam
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is Mulesoft API Management Certification Training for?

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What are the prerequisites for Mulesoft API Management Certification Training?

There are no prerequisites for this training

Course Outline

  • 1. Introducing Anypoint Platform
    • Introduce Anypoint Platform
    • Explore Anypoint Platform
    • Understand the API development lifecycle with Anypoint Platform
  • 2. Managing API Access
    • Organize users with business groups
    • Learn about Anypoint Platform roles and permissions
    • Create and use a custom role
    • Use API Portals to control developer access
    • Use Anypoint Exchange to discover APIs
  • 3. Deploying APIs
    • Introduce the API Gateway
    • Deploy API proxies to cloud and on-prem Mule runtimes
    • Review the anatomy of REST and SOAP proxies
    • Learn how to manage an API without an API proxy
  • 4. Applying Runtime Policies
    • Introduce runtime policies
    • Secure an API with the OAuth2.0 token validation policy
    • Enforce Service Level Agreement tiers
    • Apply rate-limiting and throttling SLA-based policies
    • Create and apply a custom policy
    • Understand cross-origin resource sharing policy
    • Define the order of execution of policies
  • 5. Managing API Versions
    • Version an API
    • Document changes in a new API version
    • Deprecate an older version of an API
    • Use the import/export version tool
  • 6. Using Anypoint Analytics and Reporting
    • Create a custom chart and a custom dashboard
    • Export data from charts
    • Create and run a custom report
    • Learn how to enable API Analytics in third party software

Who is the instructor for this training?

SpringPeople trainers have undergone a rigorous certification process to meet the high standards laid out by MuleSoft for certified instructors. With hands-on knowledge of mulesoft, Apache Hadoop, Web Services, and related technologies, the trainers bring deep technical expertise implementing these solutions for enterprises. They have extensive experience in training end users on MuleSoft technologies.

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Anypoint Platform Operations: API Management Training - Certification & Exam

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