Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training

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Learn ActionScript and master the major building blocks of ActionScript 3, right from defining a variable to explaining how to design and work with complex data structures.

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What is Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training about?

ActionScript is the powerful easy-to-learn language used within Adobe Flash CS3. If you're building an online shopping cart an e-learning application or another Flash project that requires sophisticated features ActionScript is the language you need to learn.

This ActionScript training class teaches you all the core ActionScript skills you need in order to successfully build your first ActionScript-powered Flash applications.

What are the objectives of Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training ?

At the end of ActionScript Training course, participants will be able to:

  • Master the fundamentals of ActionScript programming
  • Learn how to use ActionScript for a wide variety of practical applications
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Who is Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Become a Script Master with ActionScript skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Become a Script Master with ActionScript projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training?

    HTML, Flash, JavaScript (recommended).

    Course Outline

    • 1. Introduction to ActionScript 3.0
      • Why you should learn ActionScript 3.0
      • Differences from ActionScript 2.0
      • Moving beyond Script Assist
    • 2. Communicating to MovieClips, Variables, and People
      • Communicating to MovieClips
      • Modifying MovieClips properties
      • Understanding variables
      • Setting variable data types
      • Using trace statements
      • Using comments
    • 3. Using and Writing Functions
      • Understanding functions
      • Using functions
      • Writing custom functions
      • Making a function modular
      • Making a function return a value
    • 4. Responding to Events
      • Understanding event types
      • Using a listener to catch an event
      • Writing event handlers
      • Responding to mouse events
      • Responding to keyboard events
      • Creating a link to a website
      • Using the enterframe to create animation
      • Using the timer event to control animation
    • 5. Understanding Classes
      • Understanding classes
      • Writing a custom class
      • Extending an existing class
      • Understanding methods
      • Public vs. private properties and methods
      • Bringing a class object to the timeline
      • Defining a document class
      • Setting up a classpath
      • Creating useful classes
    • 6. Decision-Making and Repetition
      • Understanding conditional statements
      • Writing a conditional statement
      • Understanding conditional operators
      • Using conditional operators
      • Setting up alternate conditions
      • Writing compound conditions
      • Understanding loops
      • Creating a code loop
      • Using a loop to generate instances of a class
      • Placing loop-created instances
    • 7. Using Math...and Loving It!
      • Understanding the math class
      • Using basic math operators
      • Generating random numbers
      • Using different techniques to round numbers
    • 8. Using Text and Arrays
      • Creating a text field
      • Styling a text field
      • Capturing data from a text field
      • Loading external text
      • Scrolling a text field
      • Understanding arrays
      • Using text and arrays to create a game
      • Finishing the text game
    • 9. Creating a Memory Game with What You Already Know
      • Storyboarding your application effectively
      • Writing a memory card class
      • Writing a memory game class
      • Adding graphics to cards
      • Placing cards
      • Deleting matches
      • Resetting cards
      • Handling incorrect matches
      • Determining a win
      • Adding additional cards
      • Randomizing cards
    • 10. Using Advanced Graphic and Animation Tools
      • Drawing with code
      • Creating a color change
      • Generating a random color change
      • Animating a color change
      • Using filters
      • Modifying filter properties
      • Animating filters
    • 11. Working with Multimedia
      • Loading external images and Flash movies
      • Communicating to loaded movies
      • Loading sound
      • Starting and stopping sound
      • Pausing and resuming sound
      • Managing the volume of sound
      • Understanding Flash video connections
      • Loading video
      • Controlling video playback
    • 12. Adding Advanced Interactivity
      • Overview of creating a drag-and-drop game
      • Creating drag-and-drop class
      • Detecting collisions
      • Responding to collisions
      • Detecting a win
      • Adding drop shadows
      • Randomly placing objects
    • 13. Conclusion

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Become a Script Master with ActionScript Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.