Kendo UI Training

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This is the course for you if you want to build web or mobile interfaces with Kendo UI. Kendo UI components help you build rich web interfaces which will work well on any native browser client. Our course in Kendo UI will make you proficient in aspects like usage of Kendo UI components, integrating it with HTML and Angular JS amongst many more such important topics.

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What is Kendo UI Training about?

In this course participants will learn how to use the Kendo UI JavaScript toolset to accomplish all the things the typical line of business application needs to do from a UI perspective using HTML5 and Kendo UI

Duration - 1 Day

What are the objectives of Kendo UI Training ?

Available Training Modes

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Who is Kendo UI Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Kendo UI skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Kendo UI projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Kendo UI Training?

    Course Outline

    • 1. Developing a Real World Application with Kendo UI
      • Introduction
      • Agenda
      • Kendo UI Overview
      • What We'll Be Building
      • Development Process
      • The Tools
    • 2. Kendo UI, Navigation Menu, Maintenance Screens
      • Planning The Sprint
      • Adding Kendo UI to Project
      • Coding The Navigation Menu
      • Makes Maintenance Screen
      • Models Maintenance Screen
      • Model Details Maintenance Screen

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Kendo UI Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.