Machine Learning with Oryx 2 Training

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Master the science of building real-time large scale machine learning backed applications by deploying batch, speed, serving and ML tier implementations through our Oryx 2 course. Be the ML app development expert your organization needs.

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What is Machine Learning Oryx 2 Course about?

Acquire in-depth understanding of the architecture of Oryx 2 and be able to deploy each layer to your advantage. Master the Oryx 2 framework to build enterprise grade ML applications by harnessing the power of underlying lambda architecture to figure out models and update the current models as a function of historical data.

In cloud labs, gain hands-on expertise to on in-built ML algorithms to deploy collaborative filtering, classification, regression and clustering in your application.

Be industry-ready to develop offline large scale models, update and query them in time and integrate the models with the app in the fastest possible time with our machine learning with Oryx 2 training.

Suggested Audiences

Expert developers adding machine learning and big data methods to apps

What are the objectives of Machine Learning Oryx 2 Course ?

This Machine Learning with Oryx 2 course enables you to:

  • Install, configure and test the cluster to support Oryx 2
  • Gain a deep understanding of Lambda Tier Implementation
  • Use the machine learning tier implementation through built-in interfaces
  • Conduct Collaborative filtering based on Alternating Least Squares
  • Cluster datasets based on k-means
  • Classify and regression based on random decision forests
  • Develop, customize and deploy an Oryx app
  • Lead intelligent app development projects that leverage on Hadoop architecture



Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

18 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Machine Learning Oryx 2 Course for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Machine Learning Oryx 2 skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Machine Learning Oryx 2 projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Machine Learning Oryx 2 Course?

    Required: Development Experience in Java 8, Scala 2.11, Apache Hadoop Cluster & Services Suggested: NA


    Classroom Training: 2 Days

    Live Online Training: 4 Days (3 hours/day)

    Course Outline

    • Oryx 2 Overview
      • Oryx 2 History
      • Architecture of Oryx 2 Implementation
      • Lambda Tier Implementation
      • Batch Layer
      • Speed Layer
      • Serving Layer
      • Data Transport
      • ML Tier Implementation
    • Installation and Cluster Setup
      • Installation of Java 8
      • Installation of Scala 2.11
      • Installation of Apache Hadoop Cluster
      • Deployment Architecture
      • Enabling Services
      • Configuring Kafka
      • HDFS & Data Layout
      • Handling Failure
      • Troubleshooting
    • Developing an Oryx App
      • Module Mapping
      • Creating an App
      • Building an App
      • Compiling the word-count example
      • Customizing an Oryx App
      • Deploying an App
      • Deploying the word-count example
    • Recommender Engine based on ALS Method
      • Fetch the data
      • Push data into Serving layer
      • Verify the results
    • Lab: Collaborative Filtering/ Recommendation
      • Implementation of Collaborative Filtering / Recommendation
    • Lab: Classification/Regression
      • Implementation of Classification/Regression
    • Lab: Clustering
      • Implementation of Clustering

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Machine Learning with Oryx 2 Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.