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Agile development practices offer tangible benefits in productivity and quality by rapidly addressing issues, responding to new opportunities and meeting volatile customer demands, while focusing on continuous improvement through an iterative approach. The success of Agile depends on solid teams and every team member needs to be well versed with its concepts and tools. Agile and Scrum training courses are dynamic and involve discussion, group work, board work, brainstorming, and other in-class activities. Master the essentials of Agile software development and gain an in depth working knowledge of Agile methodologies with SpringPeople Agile training course. Learn to implement Agile concepts on an organizational level and to self-organize to reduce the time and money spent on development.

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What is Agile and Scrum Workshop Certification Training about?

Agile and scrum is accredited course content developed by Scrum Alliance. The course methodology provides teams and organizations an organized framework which will enable them to work on software development lifecycle in a more efficient and organized way. After adopting the agile approach into their development process, teams can focus all their their attention on fast and efficient delivery of the product.

Our Agile Workshop training course will help candidates to gain an in-depth knowledge of Scrum and Agile concepts such as  planning, iteration, scaling of agile per project basis, monitoring and controlling. Our Agile trainer will take candidates through the process of adapting to the rapidly changing environment of development cycle by measuring and evaluating the status of the project. 

What are the objectives of Agile and Scrum Workshop Certification Training ?

After completing this Agile training course, candidates will be able to:

  • Cultivate an Agile mindset
  • Comprehend the major steps in adapting to Agile
  • Comprehend hybrid Agile and popular practices
  • Comprehend the limits of Waterfall
  • Describe events, roles and artifacts of Scrum
  • Comprehend scaling Scrum to bigger team sizes
  • Describe task board and trigger discussions on bottleneck
  • Explain the continuous delivery model of Kanban
  • Explain foundational concepts like product backlog, user stories, features
  • Describe the release level monitoring and control
Available Training Modes

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Agile and Scrum Workshop Certification Training for?

Anyone who wants to gain in dept knowledge on Agile and its concepts. Agile isn’t just for software or I.T. organizations, but any organizations that wants to thrive in their ever-changing marketplace.

What are the prerequisites for Agile and Scrum Workshop Certification Training?

No prerequisite is required to attend the training

Course Outline

  • Fundamentals of Agile
    • Waterfall
    • Iterative & Incremental development
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Principles & Mindset
    • Agile Triangles
    • Agile Benefits
  • Scrum in Detail
    • Role, Events & Artifacts
    • Empiricism
    • Developer
    • SM
    • PO
    • Sprint 0
  • Kanban & Hybrid Agile
    • Hybrid & Agile
    • Kanban
    • XP Practices (Pair programming, CI, Technical Debt, TDD)
  • Product Backlog
    • PB
    • Epic Features & Stories
    • User Stories
  • Agile Estimation
    • Definition of Done
    • Relative Estimation
    • Story points and Ideal time
    • Planning Poker
  • Prioritization
    • Prioritization Factors
    • MoSCoW
    • Kano
    • Order with Risk
  • Agile Planning
    • Product Roadmap
    • Release Planning
    • Iteration Planning
    • Definition of Ready
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Velocity
    • MMP
    • Setting iteration length
    • Daily Planning
  • Monitoring and control: Iteration Level
    • Daily Stand-ups
    • Task Board
    • Burn Down chart
    • Escaped defects
    • Information radiator
    • Iteration review
    • Iteration retrospectives
  • Monitoring and control: Release Level
    • Burn Down
    • Parking log
    • Sprint Cancellation
  • Scaling Agile
    • Scrum of Scrums
    • Scaling team
    • PO
    • SM
    • PB
    • Scaling Planning
  • Adaptation and Practical Solutions
    • Systems Thinking
    • ADAPTing Agile
    • Shu HA Ri
    • Agile Benefits
    • Agile Adaptors

Who is the instructor for this training?

The Instructor for Agile and Scrum Training is a Scrum Alliance certified Instructor with extensive domain experience, including years of experience in training & mentoring professionals in the industry.

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Agile and Scrum Workshop Training - Certification & Exam

  • SpringPeople is Authorized training Partner of Scrum Alliance.
  • After completing Scrum Alliance accredited Agile and Scrum training you will be eligible for 24 Scrum Education Units(SEUs) which can be used to renew certifications,membership and are very useful.