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Anypoint Platform Development: Advanced Training

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SpringPeople MuleSoft Advanced training deep dives into advanced any point platform topics. Learn how to develop custom elements, implement design patterns and tune application performance with this training.

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What is Mulesoft Advanced Training about?

Master the core concepts of MuleSoft and gain hands-on experience to manage mule projects, mule code and learn how to achieve continuous integrations with SpringPeople MuleSoft Advanced training. Candidates will understand how to create custom elements and tune application performance as they learn with certified experts.

The MuleSoft Advanced Online course will give candidates a solid understanding of SEDA architecture,  enriching data with Mule and advanced application development techniques. Upon completion of the MuleSoft Advanced training, candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to design, build, and manage APIs and integrations.

SpringPeople is the authorized training partner of MuleSoft. This training will help candidates to prepare for the  “MuleSoft Certified Developer - Integration Professional exam”.

What are the objectives of Mulesoft Advanced Training ?

After completion of this Anypoint Platform Development - Advanced, you should be able to:

  • Maintain and Control mule project development with Maven
  • Successfully achieve continuous integration
  • Develop custom elements

  • Implement design patterns and tune application performance
  • Work with state
  • Protect communication with SSL
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

24 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is Mulesoft Advanced Training for?

  • Developers
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What are the prerequisites for Mulesoft Advanced Training?

Course Outline

  • 1. Managing Mule Projects with Maven
    • Use a software project management tool
    • Manage dependencies
  • 2. Managing Mule Code
    • Maintain Mule source code
    • Develop with best practices
  • 3. Achieving Continuous Integration
    • Create a CI job
    • Trigger the builds
    • Automate deployments
  • 4. Driving Development with MUnit
    • Create acceptance criteria
    • Fail and pass tests
    • Refactor test cases
    • Refactor Mule applications
  • 5. Developing Custom Elements
    • Use the Mule API
    • Create custom transformers, processors, and beans
  • 6. Implementing Design Patterns
    • Enrich data with Mule
    • Create scalable parallel processing in Mule
  • 7. Tuning Application Performance
    • Understand SEDA architecture
    • Analyze threading profiles
  • 8. Working with State
    • Impact design with clustering
    • Cache outbound requests
    • Work with object stores
  • 9. Securing Communication with SSL
    • Implement one-way SSL
    • Implement two-way SSL

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this course is Mulesoft certified and is a subject matter expert in this domain. With hands-on knowledge of Mule, Apache Hadoop, Web Services, and other related technologies, the trainer brings deep technical expertise implementing these solutions for enterprises. The trainer has years of experience training end users on Mulesoft technologies.

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Anypoint Platform Development: Advanced Training - Certification & Exam

  • SpringPeople is the Authorised training partner of MuleSoft.
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