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Master the skills you need to speed up your application development in PHP with our Codeigniter training. Using our virtual lab environment Cloudlabs, gain hands-on experience using the built-in libraries in CodeIgniter to develop fast and responsive applications.

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What is CodeIgniter Training about?

Codeigniter or CI is the most widely used PHP framework that supports MVC architecture and rapid application development. In our Codeigniter certification, you learn all about the model-view-controller pattern and gain the skills to effortlessly develop applications using PHP 4 or 5. You will also learn how to write new libraries or customize existing libraries to your need to create reusable code for your apps.

With Cloudlabs, learn how to use the database abstraction layer in your application to manipulate virtually any database platform. This Codeigniter course also covers security management of your application by leveraging the power of inbuilt functions and tools in CodeIgniter. 

What are the objectives of CodeIgniter Training ?

At the end of our Codeigniter certification, you will be able to:

  • Develop dynamic single page web apps that are fast and easy to scale
  • Use your understanding of the MV* framework to customize capabilities of the Codeigniter framework
  • Configure your CI framework using config, database, autoload and routes files
  • Understand and use CodeigniterQuery Builder Database Support, Form and Data Validation
  • Manage Security and XSS Filtering, Session Management, Email Sending Class
  • Create an admin and page manager
  • Retrieve, update, and delete data using Codeigniter’s Http service
  • Unit test all the parts of a Codeigniter application
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is CodeIgniter Training for?

  • Anyone looking to build PHP/Codeigniter applications
  • Teams getting started with or working on Codeigniter projects

What are the prerequisites for CodeIgniter Training?

  • Some web application development experience is good to have (6+ months).

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Codeigniter Object Oriented Programming
    • What is use of oops programming?
    • What is Class in PHP?
    • Declaration of Class.
    • Creating an object for class
    • PHP Access Specifier Private, protected and public
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstract Class
    • Final Class in oops
    • Constructor - php 4
    • Constructor and Destructor - php5
    • Scope Resolution Operator (::) in php
    • Parent keyword in oops
    • Self keyword in oops
    • This keyord in oops
    • Class constants
  • What's Model-View-Controller
    • Making Life Easier for the Developer
    • Model
    • Views
    • Helpers and Libraries
  • Revisiting the Opening Example
    • First Things First: The Model
    • Creating the Controller
    • Creating the View
  • A Slightly Different Approach: Templates
    • Modifying the Controller
    • Modifying the View
  • CodeIgniter at a Glance
    • The system/Folder
    • The system/application Folder
  • Initial Configuration
    • config.php
    • database.php
    • autoload.php
    • routes.php
  • CodeIgniter Libraries
    • The Database Library
    • The Session Library
  • CodeIgniter Helpers
    • The Form Helper
    • The URL Helper
  • Creating Models, Views, and Controllers
    • Models and Database Tables
    • Controllers
    • Views
  • Creating a Rudimentary Admin Framework
    • Using Folders to Organize Controllers
    • Creating the Login Mechanism
    • Creating the Home Page of the Admin Panel
  • Importing and Exporting
    • Creating an Export Function for Categories
    • Creating an Export Function for Products
    • Importing a CSV Import Library for Products
  • Creating a Page Manager
    • Creating the Database Table
    • Creating the Model
    • Creating the Admin/Pages Controller
    • Creating the Administrative Views
    • Choosing and Integrating a WYSIWYG Editor
    • Updating the Welcome Controller
    • Creating a Newsletter Tool
    • Creating the Database Table and Model
    • Adding a subscribe() Function
    • Creating the Form
    • Creating Administrative Screens
  • Security
    • Filtering User Input
    • Encrypting Sessions
    • Additional Security Resources

Who is the instructor for this training?

Our trainer for this Codeigniter training online course has extensive experience in full-stack web development and dynamic web app development, including years of experience conducting Codeigniter training for web development professionals.