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What can be more fascinating than CoffeeScript which attempts to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way and this course is all you need to understand CoffeeScript with the fundamentals of CoffeScript, Installing CoffeeScript, Working With CoffeeScript, Language Elements and Data Types.

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What is CoffeeScript Training about?

CoffeeScript is the little language that compiles to JavaScript. It is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way combined with the best of Ruby and Python. This course introduces the CoffeeScript syntax and style. It explains the why and how of CoffeeScript development.

Duration - 2 Days

What are the objectives of CoffeeScript Training ?

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

12 Hours

Classroom Training


2 Days

Who is CoffeeScript Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add CoffeeScript skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on CoffeeScript projects
  • What are the prerequisites for CoffeeScript Training?

    Course Outline

    • 1. What Is CoffeeScript
      • What Is CoffeeScript
      • Syntax
      • How It Works
      • Alternatives
    • 2. Why CoffeeScript
      • Classes
      • Array Comprehensions
      • Clean Syntax
      • Fixing JavaScript's Faults
    • 3. Installing CoffeeScript
      • Installing on Windows
      • Installing on Mac or Linux
      • Avoiding Compilation
    • 4. Working With CoffeeScript
      • Refactoring FizzBuzz
      • My First CoffeeScript Program
    • 5. Language Elements
      • Comments
      • Blocks
      • Ternary
      • Loops
    • 6. Data Types
      • Outline
      • String Interpolation
      • Multiline Strings
      • Numbers
      • Ranges and Arrays
      • Regular Expressions
      • Functions
      • Objects
      • Classes

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this CoffeeScript Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.