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Core Java and Advanced Java for Testing Training

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Master all aspects of object-oriented programming with core Java and advanced training from SpringPeople. Learn the skills you need to develop robust enterprise Java applications incorporating multithreading and exception handling features from Core Java.

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What is Core Java and Advanced Java for Testing Training about?

Gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts of object oriented programming and how it is implemented in the Java language. With our core Java online training, you also gain familiarity with concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction as well as their implementation using class, objects, packages and wrappers.

With Cloudlabs, you gain valuable practical experience building Java applications using unique programming features such as control flow in exception handling, thread priorities in multithreading, list and map in the collection framework. Using JDBC, learn how to make use of databases for your Java application.

What are the objectives of Core Java and Advanced Java for Testing Training ?

At the end of this Java certification, you will be able to:

  • Internalize Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Internalize basic Java concepts
  • Write Java programs using operators, constructors, loops, functions, conditions, etc.
  • Implement methods and encapsulation in Java
  • Implement multi-threading, string handling, and exception handling techniques.
  • Use JDBC connections
  • Develop Java application
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Who is Core Java and Advanced Java for Testing Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop Java applications
  • Teams getting started on Core Java projects

What are the prerequisites for Core Java and Advanced Java for Testing Training?

  • A basic understanding of object oriented programming is good to have.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Why Java?
    • Flavors of Java
    • Java Designing Goal
    • Role of Java Programming in industry
    • Features of java Language
    • JVM- The heart of Java
    • Java's Magic Byte code
  • Language Fundamentals
    • Java Environment
    • Installing JDK and Eclipse IDE - Java Program Development - Java Source File Structure - Compilation - Executions -
    • Java Fundamentals
    • Data Types - Variables, keywords, Literals - Comments - Assignment ,Initialization
  • OOPs Concept Introduction
    • Introduction to Oops Concepts
    • Inheritance - Polymorphism - Abstraction - Encapsulation -
    • Class Fundamentals
    • Class, Object - Global variable and member variables - Static and final - Inner and Anonymous Class - Access Control Modifiers - Constructors
  • Array and String
    • Defining of an Array
    • Initializing and accessing an Array
    • Multi-Dimensional Array
    • Operation on String
    • Mutable and immutable String
    • Using Collection Bases loop for String
    • Tokenizing a String
    • Creating Strings using String Buffer
  • Inheritance
    • Use of Benefits of inheritance in OOP - Types of inheritance in Java - Inheriting Data Member and Methods - Role of Constructors in inheritance - Overriding super
    • Class methods - Use of *Super* - Polymorphism in inheritance -
    • Interfaces And Abstract Classes
    • Multiple Inheritance - Restrictions for Interfaces - Interface Vs Abstract - Relationship between classes
  • Packages and Wrapper Classes
    • Organizing Classes and interfaces in Packages
    • Package as Access Protection
    • Defining Package
    • CLASSPATH Setting for Packages
    • Import and Static Import
    • Naming Convention for packages
    • What is Wrapper Class
    • Why Wrapper
    • How to handle wrapper Classes
  • Exception Handling
    • What is Exception
    • Types of Exception
    • Exception Hierarchy
    • Control Flow in Exception
    • VM reaction to Exception
    • Exception handling
  • Thread
    • Understanding Threads
    • Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming
    • Thread Life-cycle
    • Thread Priorities
    • Synchronizing Threads
    • Inter communication of Threads
    • Critical Factor in thread Deadlock
  • The Collection Framework
    • Collection of objects
    • Collection Interfaces and Hierarchy
    • List And Map
    • Types of List
    • Types of map
    • Iterator
    • Iterator Generics
  • JDBC Fundamentals
    • Introductions to JDBC
    • Introductions to JDBC JDBC Drivers and architectures
    • CURD operations using JDBC
    • ODBC and other Drivers

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this Java online course has  extensive development experience in Java, including years of experience mentoring professionals in the Core Java certification.