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Are you looking to get certified in a tool which will provide massive storage at a low Total Cost of Ownership? Our EMC Centera Course provides you skills and knowledge to which will achieve the aforementioned. In addition, the course also touches upon areas like content authenticity, Governance and compliance of the stored data in performance efficient manner.

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What is EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management Training about?

Participants will learn to configure Centera Virtual Pools and set retention policies and other archival settings to reconcile an overall tiered storage environment.

What are the objectives of EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management Training ?

At the end of EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how data is stored, retrieved, and replicated on EMC Centera
  • Perform day-to-day management tasks on an EMC Centera using the native tools, and create/test virtual pools and access profiles
  • Perform EMC Centera replication and basic performance and networking troubleshooting
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

24 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management projects
  • What are the prerequisites for EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management Training?

    Course Outline

    • 1. Basic Network Environment (Duration - 5 hrs)
      • Describe the components of a typical network infrastructure
      • Identify basic network concepts that will help to configure and manage EMC products
    • 2. Centera Fundamentals (Duration - 2 hrs)
      • Recall Centera platforms and models
      • Explain Centera architecture
      • Describe Centera components
      • Define Centera terminology

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this EMC Centera (Content-Addressed Storage) Management Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.