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This is an advance course in HTML Canvas covering it's various implementation and use cases. Topics like retained mode versus immediate mode, browser support, mobile support, Canvas API and application development are few of them which are taught extremely well in this course.

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What is HTML5 Canvas Training about?

The HTML5 Canvas course will give participants all the tools necessary to start building native web browser HTML5 Canvas applications immediately. You will learn how to create Canvas applications how to use the HTML5 Canvas API how to interact with JavaScript and HTML web page controls how to manipulate video and incorporate audio and how to get Canvas apps to work across a broad set of web browsers and mobile platforms.

What are the objectives of HTML5 Canvas Training ?

At the end of HTML5 Canvas training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Create interactive client-side HTML5 Canvas applications
  • Display, manipulate and animate ┬áthe HTML5 Canvas drawing surface
  • Display, manipulate and animate text on the HTML5 Canvas
  • Display, manipulate and animate images on the HTML5 Canvas
  • Create interactivity applications using the keyboard and mouse
  • Utilize audio and video on the HTML5 Canvas
  • Create a JavaScript framework for HTML5 Canvas applications
  • Optimize Canvas application for multiple platforms
  • Utilize third party libraries and frameworks
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Who is HTML5 Canvas Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add HTML5 Canvas skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on HTML5 Canvas projects
  • What are the prerequisites for HTML5 Canvas Training?

    Good to have understanding of:

    • HTML/XML
    • JavaScript
    • Object Oriented Methodologies

    Course Outline

    • 1. Understanding HTML5 and the Canvas
      • HTML5 Introduction - What is HTML5? - tCreating A Basic HTML5 Web Page -
      • HTML5 Canvas overview - What is the Canvas - What is the Canvas good for? - What is the Canvas not good for? - Why or why not just use
        ? - Retained Mode vs. Immediate Mode - Browser Support - Mobbile Support - tag - Canvas and DOM - Canvas methods - Canvas properties - CSS properties - Canvas 2d Context - Canvas Hello World -
    • 2. Understanding HTML5 Canvas API
      • HTML5 Canvas drawing - Canvas drawing API - Drawing lines, boxes, circles - HTML5 Canvas Text - Canvas Text API - Fonts, faces, colors - - HTML5 Canvas Images - t Canvas Image API - t Loading and displaying images - t -
      • HTML5 Canvas advanced API topics - Global shadows and Global alpha - Creating an application loop (interval, draw() function) - Animation - Moving - Animation - Frame based - Canvas State - Rotation - Clipping - Canvas and
    • 3. HTML5 Canvas Application Development
      • HTML5 and Javascript - Communicating with Form controls - Event Listeners & Creating an Object model -
      • Creating an application (Drag And Drop) - Mouse events - Keyboard events - Creating a Drag And Drop framework - Hit Test Point - Hit Test - Mouse Over and CSS - Deleting objects - Local storage -
    • 4. Canvas further topics
      • Mobile Development - Testing for Mobile Browsers  - Scale vs. Resize Optimizing - Preloading vs. HTML Asset Embedding - -
      • Frameworks - Box2D - WebGL - JQuery -
      • The future - GPU - Accessibility - Conclusion -

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this HTML5 Canvas Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.