Magento For Beginners to Advance Training

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This course covers all the basic to advanced concepts of Magento. It is one of the most powerful and trending PHP open source eCommerce platforms in the market. This course teaches you every aspect of Magento like Installation and Setup, Store setup, Attributes and Categories, Shipping, Tax, and Accepting Payment, Extending Magento etc.

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What is Magento For Beginners to Advance Training about?

Beginning with the very basics of installation. This Course will cover everything you need to know from populating your store with products to creating custom product types and the addition of simple or complex product types. You'll also learn how to configure your store to accept payment process taxes and handle shipping. In addition to managing your products this course will also show you how to modify and add pages and change their layout and theme.

This course will help you take Magento's core offerings to the next level. Even though you may find that Magento fits most of your e-commerce needs out-of-the-box there are often circumstances that require custom functionality in your Magento store.

You will start building your foundational knowledge of the Magento architecture by following along with a step-by-step Process.

What are the objectives of Magento For Beginners to Advance Training ?

  • Set up your store with a deep understanding of the available options and menu layouts
  • Categorize and create product types to organize your store's inventory
  • Create simple, complex, configurable, tangible, and virtual products to fill out your store's inventory
  • Enhance your product pages with descriptions, images, and inventory information
  • Take control of your content and customize your product page's layout
  • Use tax and shipping rules along with payment gateway integration to generate revenue, and understand the order process to manage and ship your sales
  • Manage every aspect of your store, including ratings, reviews and tags
  • Create custom Magento extensions
  • Learn how to add pages and reports to the Magento admin interface
  • Write extensions that enhance Magento's catalog functionality
  • Create custom product types
  • Integrate Magento with other systems using dataflow profiles
  • Extend Magento's one-page checkout and add your own steps to the checkout process
  • Write shell scripts that administer your Magento installation through the command line
  • Troubleshoot Magento code with advanced debugging tools and techniques
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Who is Magento For Beginners to Advance Training for?

  • Anyone who wants to add Magento For Beginners to Advance skills to their profile
  • Teams getting started on Magento For Beginners to Advance projects
  • What are the prerequisites for Magento For Beginners to Advance Training?

    • HTML/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
    • PHP with MYSQL

    Course Outline

    • Lecture 1: Installation and Setup
      • Creating the Database & Installing the Sample Data.
      • Setting File Permissions
      • Installing Magento
      • Post-Installation Configuration
    • Lecture 2: Setting Up Your Store
      • Admin Panel Introduction
      • Overview of Dashboard, Sales, and Customers
      • Overview of Promotions, Newsletter, CMS, and System
      • Configuration Menu
      • Creating Users and Roles
      • Changing Your Theme
    • Lecture 3: Attributes and Categories
      • Creating Categories
      • Modifying Categories and the Category Tree
      • Introduction to Attributes and Attribute Sets
      • Creating an Attribute
      • Creating Attribute Sets
    • Lecture 4: Creating Products
      • How to Create a Simple Product
      • Custom Product Options
      • Creating a Configurable Product
      • Grouped Product
      • Virtual Products
      • Bundle Products
      • Downloadable Products
      • Troubleshooting
    • Lecture 5: Customizing Your Store
      • Adding CMS Pages
      • Creating Static Blocks
      • Using Widgets
      • Adding Polls
      • Changing Page Layouts
      • Modifying Store e-mails
    • Lecture 6: Shipping, Tax, and Accepting Payment
      • Setting Up Tax
      • Shipping Methods Overview
      • Table Rate Shipping
      • UPS Shipping
      • USPS
      • Introduction to Payment Methods
      • Setting Up PayPal Express
    • Lecture 7: The Order Process
      • Placing an Order
      • When an Order Has Been Placed
      • Managing Orders in the Backend
      • Modifying an Order
      • Creating an Invoice
      • Shipping an Order/Completing the Process
    • Lecture 8: Managing Your Store
      • Managing Customers and Customer Lists
      • Managing Search
      • Managing Ratings
      • Managing Reviews
      • Managing Tags
    • Lecture 9: Extending Magento
      • Setting Up Multiple Storefronts
      • Setting Up Your Development Environment
      • Creating a Module
      • Creating a Frontend Controller
      • Creating Frontend Layouts
      • Creating Blocks and Templates
    • Lecture 10: Extending the Admin
      • Adding a Menu Item in the Admin
      • Adding System Configuration Fields
      • Creating Models
      • Writing Module Installation Scripts
      • Event-Handling and Observers
    • Lecture 11: Mastering the Admin
      • Building Forms
      • Processing Forms
      • Creating Grids
      • Editing Grid Items
      • Grid Mass Actions
      • Exporting Grid Data
    • Lecture 12: Programming the Catalog
      • Creating Custom Product Types
      • Adding Custom Product Attributes
      • Advanced Product Editing
      • Saving Your Product
      • Frontend Product View
    • Lecture 13:Programming the Shopping Cart
      • Cart Item Behavior
      • Controller Guest Checkout
      • Creating a Custom Payment Method
      • Adding a Step in the Checkout Process
      • Processing Orders
    • Lecture 14: Importing and Exporting Data
      • Introduction to the Dataflow
      • Advanced Dataflow Profiles
      • Writing Your Own Adapter
      • Importing Orders
    • Lecture 15: Advanced Techniques
      • Writing Shell Scripts
      • Bootstrapping Magento for External Applications
      • Debugging
      • Saving Your Product
      • Frontend Product View

    Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Magento For Beginners to Advance Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.