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VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management Training

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Master the VxRack SDDC platform built on VMware Cloud Foundation with our EMC VxRack SDDC training course. The SDDC is a new, innovative systems management solution designed to deliver a radically simplified user experience. Learn how to administer & manage the VxRack System SDCC with hands-on lab exercises in our training program.

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What is VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management Certification Training about?

This VxRack System SDDC training course will help you to develop the skills which are required to administer and manage a VxRack SDDC  system.

This course includes hands-on lab exercises on various VxRack management components such as management interfaces, workload domain provisioning and expansion, monitoring, managing availability, and basic troubleshooting which help you to gain in-depth expertise working with VxRack systems.

What are the objectives of VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management Certification Training ?

After completing this VxRack SDDC administration certification course, you will be able to:

  • Explain VxRack SDDC system architecture and components
  • Manage its physical and logical resources
  • Configure and manage SDDC workload domains
  • Monitor system status, health and performance
  • Maintain the system by applying patches and upgrades
  • Inspect and use troubleshooting techniques to recover from system issues
  • Manage users, roles and permissions to meet system security requirement
Available Training Modes

Live Online Training

24 Hours

Classroom Training


3 Days

Who is VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management Certification Training for?

This course is intended for professionals responsible for administering and managing VxRack SDDC systems, including:

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What are the prerequisites for VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management Certification Training?

To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a participant must have a basic understanding of:

  • The VxRack SDDC system architecture
  • Basic concepts of virtualiza... Read More

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – VxRack SDDC Product Overview and Documentation
    • VxRack SDDC software
    • VxRack SDDC architecture
    • VxRack administration overview
    • Documentation and support
  • Module 2 – VxRack SDDC Management Tools
    • Tools overview
    • SDDC Manager
    • VxRack Management Domain
  • Module 3 – Workload Domain Management
    • Workload domain features
    • Create, expand and delete workload domains
  • Module 4 – Managing Virtualization
    • vSphere concepts and functions
    • Health check and performance monitoring
  • Module 5 – vSAN Storage Management
    • vSAN overview
    • Increasing space efficiency
    • vSAN Storage Policies
    • Monitoring vSAN
  • Module 6 – VxRack SDDC Network Management
    • VxRack SDDC Network architecture
    • NSX overview
    • NSX operations and management
  • Module 7 – Troubleshooting
    • SDDC Manager troubleshooting
    • vCenter troubleshooting
    • vSAN and NSX troubleshooting
  • Module 8 – System Security and Backup
    • Users, roles, permissions, certificates and security policies
    • System configuration and production data backup
  • Module 9 – System Assurance
    • SDDC Manager Lifecycle Management
    • Other software and firmware upgrades

Who is the instructor for this training?

The trainer for this VxRack System SDDC Administration and Management has deep experience in the domain, including several years training industry professionals.