Best ETL Tools in the Market

In this world of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) testing, various tools and strategies have emerged depending upon the infrastructure of the organization. There are various tools introduced by companies like Microsoft, SAP, SAS, Talend and others for different purposes like data integration and warehousing. Great eCommerce platforms like Facebook, eBay and Flipkart also use ETL tools for extracting customer data.

Importance of etl tools is when you are dealing with database and data warehouses. They are also important in cloud storage services. The prime function being the migration of data from a source database to another defined target database.

ETL Tools Usage – An Overview

As mentioned earlier, ETL Tools are basically used for data extraction from the source file, transform them from the original type to the required type and load them into specific database or warehouses.

Hence the abbreviation, ‘ETL’ came into existence.

These tools come in handy when you perform complicated tasks like the migration of data or its transformation from one format to the other. In such cases, ETL tools help in enabling the business process.

Which is the best ETL Tool?

There is a wide array of business tools deployed in the market today. Popular tools are, PowerCenter, IBM DataStage, Microsoft SSIS, Business Objects Data Integrator, and so on.

All of them have varied utilities, applications and job prospectives. Choosing the one that suits your needs the best is not easy as pie. However, based upon few parameters and a recent research, few tools have gained much popularity.

Out of all the tools available, the Informatica PowerCenter is considered the best in terms of built-in technology, scalability, consistency and job prospectives.

And hence, according to a report by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration, 2015, it stood at No.1 for the tenth consecutive. It was a very valuable report as it had put the lights on the latest insights into the competitive strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of the leading vendors.

Informatica Powercenter- The Best ETL Tool Since a Decade

PowerCenter is a data integration tool designed on ETL architecture. It was released by Informatica, a company founded by Gaurav Dhillon and Diaz Nesamoney in 1993. According to Gartner & Forrester Research reports, this company has produced some of the best products in the market so far.

The categories in which some of the remarkable Informatica products were released are Data Quality, Data Integration, Cloud-Based Data Integration, Data Masking, Data Profiling, Data Virtualization, Information Life Cycle Management and so on. Now it has become the market leader in data integration software with a revenue of about $1.06 billion and $4.5 billion market capitalization.

How does it work?

Informatica PowerCenter is now a very powerful ETL tool with a very simple visual interface. The user can extract data from any type of sources such as Oracle Database Table, MSSQL, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, Cobole Files, XML Files, and so on.

The extracted information can be transformed using the inbuilt transformation system and loaded in any type of format like Database Tables, files, etc. as per the requirements.

In the context of Informatica, this process flow is known as, ‘mapping’. Once the mapping is done, creating a source and setting the target connection in terms of database definition becomes easier.

Demand and Market Statistics:

In this article, the word ‘Informatica’ will indicate Informatica PowerCenter from here on.

Users say that Informatica is a highly robust tool as compared to other competitors. It could not be paralleled so far in terms of performance tuning, automation, data integration and debugging. No wonder they have acquired 80% market share.

Currently, it supplies data integration software and services to various businesses and organizations. It is currently in demand in other sectors like telecommunication, healthcare, insurance, and finance.

In order to understand why this tool stands unrivaled since a decade, let us focus on the following metrics:

  • Revenue in 2015: Total of $1.06 Billion beating the combined revenue of Datastage, Abinitio, ISIS and others.
  • Number of Partners: More than 450
  • Annual CAGR in 7 years: 30%
  • Customers: More than 5,000
  • Direct presence in 28 Countries
  • Customers spread across 82 countries
  • Stood #1 in customer loyalty ranking consistently for 7 years.

These statistics clearly indicate the reason behind the great demand for Informatica in today’s world.

Attaining the basic knowledge about Informatica as mentioned above is not enough and it is very important to know about the critical problems that this tool can solve in practice. So participate in the race with expertise in ETL tools and land up a high paying job.

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