Learning and Development

Importance Of Culture & Global Mindset In The 21st Century Learning Environment

The article is a collaborative effort of Viswanathan Easwaran, Associate Director – HR & Training, Speridian Technologies, Deepa Krishna, Associate Director- L&OD, Mindtree & Upasana Mukherjee, L&D, Ex – Pearson Through the years, Global mindset has emerged as a critical individual capability. It has a direct bearing on an organization’s long-term competitive advantage. To define […]


What Type Of Learner Are You?

We all are learners. Regardless of wherever we are currently in our walk of life, the one thing that we are all doing is learning. Learning need not necessarily be in a formal setting or have a goal. From learning how to throw a ball to becoming proficient in Java, learning can be classified on […]


6 Tips To Build A Learning Mindset In Organization

Think of the most recent training that you attended. Now, are you able to recollect some details about the training? Was it a classroom or online batch? Technical, functional or behavioral? Theoretical with only text or theory with pictorial views or case study based? Assessment based or not? Internal or external? Free or company sponsored […]