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AWS Vs Azure Vs Google CLoud

The Cloud War: AWS Vs Azure Vs Google Cloud Services

The more we travel in time, towards future, cloud computing keeps on luring us with its mysterious beckoning. By now, we all know that cloud computing is referred to the delivery of computing services, namely servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, etc., over the internet. In today’s digital era, cloud computing is everywhere. You are […]



What is Microsoft Azure – Features Benefits & Best Practices

In today’s world of technological revolution, cloud computing technology has reached its zenith. Companies like Cloudera, Microsoft, AWS, Tableau, FusionOps, etc have released their best cloud computing tools and are continuously working on their improvement. There is a cut-throat competition between them to bring up the best cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure is not an […]


Securing Cloud Infrastructure Through AWS

A cloud platform is meant to provide a highly available and virtually distributed computing platform. Examples of such platform are Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. While these platforms provide a highly reliable, always on and cost effective cloud-computing platform, securing this virtual infrastructure becomes one of the major concerns for the end customer availing these […]