Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – Bridging the Skill Gap

Migrating into cloud infrastructure is a highly daunting task for major IT firms. In the year 2015, the IT market has seen a massive (28%) growth in demand for skilled professionals, with around 7 million vacancies around the globe. Although that was a huge requirement but most of the vacancies still went unfilled as the […]


Amazing world of Amazon Web Services!

When it comes to cloud computing, we cannot avoid the presence of Amazon Web Services (AWS) – it’s global footprint second to none and in some parts of the planet it is synonymous to cloud services itself. AWS is a cloud computing platform by and in their words is available in 190 countries, through […]


Cloud Computing: The Preface

We just had a fantastic office party a few weeks back; evening breeze cooling off otherwise balmy day’s tiredness on the SpringPeople office terrace, fantastic team participation and most importantly the never-ending flow of food and drinks. Well, you must be thinking, “Is this a technical study of cloud computing or some mindless saga of […]