Looking Into Python

Developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990’s, Python is an all purpose programming language that is object-oriented, and interactive. Similar to the programming language Perl, Python’s source code can be found under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Why you should learn Python? Python is an asset to working professionals or even students who are […]


Top 8 Reasons You Should Learn Python In 2019

Did you know professionals with python programming skills gets the highest salaries among other analytics professionals in India? Their median salary is Rs. 15.1 lakh, an increase of  8.6% since last year. The rapid growth of Python has been well-documented in programming language indexes including TIOBE, Redmonk, PYPL, and Stack Overflow. The speed with which […]


Why You Need To Learn Python

If you love coding, you must be agreeing with the statement that programming, as an intellectual activity, is the only form of art that lets you create interactive art. It allows you to create projects that other people can play with, and you too can talk to them indirectly. Movies flow to the audience in […]