Infographic – Importance Of Social Learning For Workplace Training

The importance of workplace learning is well-evident in today’s digital era where skills are getting obsolete by day. Learning methodologies in place needs to be open to leverage new technologies and approaches that demonstrates positive ROI.

Research has found that informal learning has the deepest cognitive impact. Do you know 75% of the informal learning in the workplace is due to social learning. Coined in 1977 by psychologist Albert Bandura, the theory of ‘social learning’ states that individuals are motivated to learn better when they observe others and emulate their actions.

This infographic will highlight the importance of social learning at workplace. It also contains case studies showing the advantages of this approach.

Importance Of Social Learning For Workplace Training



Now that you know the importance of social learning, how do you integrate it in your workplace? We will explore this in our next article, ‘How Can L&Ds Integrate Social Learning At their Organization’. Stay tuned!


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