Infographic: McKinsey 7S Model for Organizational Development

McKinsey 7s model is one one of the most widely used strategic planning tool by academicians and practitioners alike. The model examines an organization’s design by looking at 7 key elements: structure, strategy, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skills, in order to determine whether they are properly aligned and would aid the organization towards its goals. The McKinsey model is depicted below and the 7 elements central to it is divided into ‘Soft Ss’ and ‘Hard Ss’.

McKinsey 7S Model for OD

As you can see, the key purpose of this model is to demonstrate the interconnectivity between these elements and how a change in one would require a change in the rest for it to operate effectively. There are also an end- number of other organizational models available today. Companies usually select the appropriate model taking into account their size, strategy, and type of industry.  This choice is also driven by assessing which model can aid them to facilitate better communication and project completion.

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