Infographic: Weisbord’s Six Box Model for Organizational Development

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An organizational model aids in defining an organization through its framework. It reflects the goals of the organization and sets out the context in which the business is done. An ideal model would help to pronounce the value that an organization delivers to its customers and highlight the skills and capital needed for developing, marketing and providing this goal with the aim of generating a profitable revenue channel. This post would set out to explore the popular organizational model- Weisbord’s Six-Box Model. Find the model illustrated below:

Weisbord's Six-Box Model for Organizational Development

One of the most popular OD model today, the above-illustrated model is still as relevant as when it was published in 1976 and is used widely by Organizational development practitioners all over. It proposes a systematic way of analyzing the connectivity between variables which impacts how an organization is managed. The model represents a different way of viewing an organizational design and structure. At its center issues such as planning, rewards, incentives, rewards, the impact of support functions such as personnel, the delegation of authority, internal competitions, standards for remuneration, hierarchies and partnerships.

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