AI In Mobile App Development

The field of mobile application is constantly evolving and embracing new changes everyday. We can surely say that technological advancements has had a huge impact on mobile app development. Emerging technologies such as AI is on the brink of disrupting the space of mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that has slowly crept into nearly all industry verticals. The innovation that is made possible by AI is huge. As per a recent report, the global market value of AI is estimated to cross 17 billion dollar by the end of 2020.

In this article let’s explore what AI hold for mobile apps.

Why You Should Integrate Mobile App Integration With AI

Enhances the User Experience (UX)

Mobile apps which are integrated with AI can will be able to automate a lot of daily tasks. For example, Google lens is a prime example of how AI in mobile apps can make our lives easier. With Google lens, the only thing that the user has to do is to point their phones’ camera at something and the app then provides relevant info on that. This leads to an enhanced in-app experience for the user.

Reduces Errors:

A key advantage of AI is that it is almost perfect. As we are aware human efficiency is leap years away from attaining the efficiency of machines. This is one among the many reasons why multitudes of data professionals have advocated the use of AI to execute complex data related processes. Some of the areas where AI can prove to be a game changer includes the field of banking, health-care etc

Makes Cross Platform Apps Possible:

AI has made cross platform apps a reality. What this means is that the skill set of two or more domains can come together to create an end product. For instance, game app or apps that helps you to create logos or templates requires the expertise of a number of people such as developers, designers, animators and the like. AI brings together all these specialized skills in a single setup which is a benefit to the end user.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

If your app is about customer service, then natural language generation can be of great advantage to you. With NLG you can tap into huge volumes of data and automatically generate valuable content for your mobile app. The technological growth in NLG and cloud solutions have enabled the media. Some of the leading media are employing NLG robo journalism to generate articles.

Learns Users Behavior Patterns

Machine Learning and NLG together can provide a realistic interaction based on the user’s preferences. This combination has the ability to learn user’s behavior patterns for producing interaction that is seamless. Let’s consider the example of Netflix to understand this better. With the help of ML, Netflix is able to gather data about the user’s past behavior. This information is used to provide content recommendations and other services. The purpose here is to quickly understand the user’s behavior  so that Netflix can make their interaction more valuable.

Why AI In Mobile Apps Is Not A Good idea

No Out of The Box Ideas

Yes, AI is smart. However, at the end of the day it is still a machine that operates based only on rationale, which comes from analyzing patterns from the available dat. It will never be able to think by itself. Thus, AI can never have a “eureka moment’ nor come up with creative ideas.


As of today, AI is relatively very new and hence, costly to use in mobile app development. What this means is that only the big players are using AI in their app today. Uber is one example of such biggies

Loss of jobs

Job loss due to AI might be closer than you think! In the near future, no one will be hiring for mobile app developers. There won’t be any need because AI enabled chips will have the ability to create apps without human intervention. And this will lead to dearth of jobs as most businesses in all likelihood would prefer employing AI which is much quicker and accurate than any human.


Moderation is the key to unlocking the potential of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development. Going full throttle on AI without having a comprehension of its full implementation might result in a volatile situation. On the other hand, shunning it completely is also a mistake as you might be left playing catch up in the coming years.What is evident is that there will be an increase in the  usage and integration of AI in mobile apps in the coming years. The possible outcome of this is something that can only be imagined!


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