Artificial Intelligence Trends 2020

Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence has become a force to be reckoned with. With each year, the technology seems to be rapidly innovating and pushing further ahead. So, what innovations and changes can we expect in this domain this year? Will there be a shift in people’s perception and organization’s policy on AI this year?

After a close analysis of the research papers, I have outlined what has been widely predicted in the artificial intelligence domain in this year. 

Artificial Intelligence Trends 2020

Humans And AI Will Collaborate

2020 will mark the year when humans will get comfortable and increasingly work alongside AI powered tools and bots in organizations. Contrary to the widely held notion, AI will not replace human workers, instead it would enhance human abilities. Skills such as imagination, design, strategy and communication will be augmented and taken to the next level with quick analytics that are supported by real-time data insights.

A recent finding suggests that by the year 2025, 75% of organizations will be heavily investing in employee reskilling to fill the skills gaps prompted by their need to adopt AI. 

Improvements In Deepfake

Do you know Facebook and Google have been refining their AI to detect these videos? Unfortunately, even AI has been inadequate many times.

Deepfake is a simple technology to create false videos. It has made huge advancements in recent years. When we look back at 2019, we can see how social media was taken over by humorous deepfake videos. This technology is only getting better as we speak. The scary thing is that, with the rapid tread it is making, it will not be long before when real videos will be hard to be distinguished from fake videos. The repercussions of this are potentially harmful and can destroy/make reputations in the real world.

Cyberbullying, aiding political disinformation, and corporate sabotage are the few predicted outcomes of improvements in this technology. 

More Industries Will Start Adopting AI

As the enterprise benefits of artificial intelligence have started becoming mainstream, a wide number of industries are expected to integrate the technology. According to industry experts, industries such as telecommunication, oil and gas, waste management, insurance and many other SMB’s which are traditionally not known to be patrons of adopting sophisticated technologies, will start embarking on AI projects like the ones usually attempted by tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

AI Will Become More Operationalized

You can expect AI/ML capabilities to be more operationalized this year. Especially organizations in the entertainment and media space will start to deploy AI more effectively for driving priorities and investment within the content supply chain and leverage cloud technologies for streamlining traditional services that are needed for going to market with new offerings. AI tools will also increasingly be used to gain insights into deep catalogues of content   

Hyperautomation Will Become A Reality

As per a recent report by Gartner, Hyperautomation has been recognized among the top ten strategic technology trends of 2020. Hyperautomation refers to the application of emerging technologies like Machine learning and artificial intelligence for automating and augmenting human processes with a high degree of sophistication. With this technology, there will be more AI-driven decision making. 

Countries Will Invest More Heavily In AI Research

Artificial Intelligence will be a hot national, security, military and economic concern in 2020. As you can see, governments across the globe have already started investing in AI on a competitive basis.; Europe has invested more than $25 billion into AI research, China more than $140 billion,and the US has spent around $2 billion.

Governments across the world have started developing formal AI frameworks. From China’s Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, the Us’s executive order on AI leadership, Pan- Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy to AI made in Germany, there is an increasing focus on AI education, talent, research, collaborative partnership and investment. 

Measuring AI Impact Will Become A Priority

Despite the heavy investments organizations continue to make in AI around the globe, only less than 2 companies out of five reported business gains from it. This startling discovery has been made by a recent MIT survey.  

This realization will pave the way for CIOS to allocate more budget in understanding how the implementation of AI will enhance their organizational functions and also get insight into how to use AI tools that can provide ROI. 

End Note

These are some of the trends that we can see owning this year. We can also expect to see improvements in neural networks, predictive modelling, and broader quantum tech commercialization to name a few more trends. For reaping the full benefits of artificial intelligence, do check out our in-demand artificial intelligence certification training

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