Digital Marketing New Trends And Opportunities

In today’s world of computers, digital marketing is not a new concept. This industry is expected to see a massive growth in the near future. It is becoming the most preferred marketing medium nowadays, due to its consistency, measurability, flexibility, device friendliness and so on. Be it a mobile or computer, digital marketing helps a businessman in selling online and creating brand awareness for his products and services in a short span of time.

A recent survey says that the number of mobile users has out-beaten the number of computer users. With the newly upgraded browsers and apps, it is becoming easy for digital marketing professionals to create awareness for their brand or sell products through a mobile. On the other hand, digital marketing is undoubtedly the most measurable media in terms of investment and returns. So, with these ideas and concepts, some new strategies have also emerged to support digital marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing Today

In the year 2015, among all the metropolitan cities in India, Bangalore (with 25.6% of professionals in the industry) has outranked Delhi, Pune and Chennai with 10.9%, 12.8% and 9.4% respectively. However, Mumbai still stands at the top with 32.6% of the professionals. Candidates with experience in SEO analysis, marketing and content writing are readily eligible to get into digital marketing. With a median annual salary of Rs. 377, 521 in the year 2016 for a fresher, this industry is going to see a great demand. Nonetheless, with experience, there is a great career growth with an annual salary of Rs. 20,00,000 for a senior level expert.

New Trends and Strategies

With new changes in Google’s algorithms and emergence of mobile phones, digital marketing professionals these days have to push themselves to limit to cope up with the changing trends. Be it a search campaign or a display campaign, marketing professionals are changing the face of the market. Let us have a brief insight on a few parameters, which are affecting the trends in digital marketing sp:

  1. Social Media: Posting sponsored ads on the high ranked social network, like Facebook, is completely new these days. Videos and GIFs are trending and are of course eye catching. So, one has to think beyond just a JPEG image with 20% of text in it. Marketing your products on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest is even tougher and competitive than ever.
  2. Google Display Network: This is one of the most challenging mediums of display marketing, which has seen drastic changes as well. Now you need to market your products through ads in form of videos and GIFs. Popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo are flooded with numerous videos. In fact, YouTube makes advertisement mandatory for the viewers in most of the videos. YouTube being one of the most visited websites, is a great platform to showcase your products and services.
  3. Banners, Posters and Covers: With the growing complexities in web designs, the creative media is gaining more attention. The reason being their simplicity and to-the-point nature. eCommerce market players are increasingly adopting this strategy. This kind of creative media helps them filter products, out of their thousands of products, and show the ones which are relevant to the buyer. Hence, they visit the advertiser’s website or call to enquire about it which boosts up the sales.

Digital marketing today has evolved completely and the next half of this year is expected to see some more trends in the market.

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