How A Salesforce Certification Can Boost Your Career

Salesforce has created quite a buzz in the technology industry. With new customers signing contracts every single day, more and more Salesforce Administrators, Developer and Consultants are in demand. Salesforce has emerged as a matured career path. Most Fortune 500 companies are looking for professionals who are skilled in Salesforce, with hands-on experience and a proven knowledge of the platform.

A Salesforce Developer is one of the most demanded jobs in the market today. With lucrative pay packages and high demand, Salesforce is rocking the IT industry. Therefore, this is the right time to get your career boosted with a Salesforce certification.

However, your skeptic self might be wondering why you need a Salesforce credential. Well, in this blog, we will take you through some of the benefits that you would get if you are Salesforce certified. Before that, let’s understand what Salesforce is and what type of credentials they offer.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud computing company, known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product. Salesforce CRM platform enables businesses to manage all interactions with the customers and prospects. Salesforce professionals are the individuals who are adept in using Salesforce products for consulting, administration and development.

Since its establishment in 1999, Salesforce has reinvented customer relationship space changing the way enterprise software is delivered and used. Salesforce offers a range of cloud platforms and applications of which, best known is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The Salesforce CRM is composed of Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Health Cloud, IoT Cloud, Financial Services Cloud,, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Chatter. The platform enables you to manage all interactions with your current and prospective customers, facilitating your organization to succeed.

What is a Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce certification is the easiest way of validating yourself as a Salesforce professional. Salesforce credentials prove your expertise and working knowledge of various Salesforce tools, platforms, and applications.

There are eight different certification tracks offered by Salesforce catering to various roles and skill sets. They are as follows:

  1. Salesforce certifications for Administrators
  2. Salesforce certifications for Developers
  3. Salesforce certifications for Consultants
  4. Salesforce certifications for Marketers
  5. Salesforce certifications for App Builders
  6. Salesforce certifications for Architects
  7. Salesforce certifications for Pardot Experts
  8. Salesforce certifications for CPQ Specialists

Why get a salesforce certification

Why Get A Salesforce Certification?

A Salesforce certification is the core pillar of any Salesforce professional’s proof of skill. It is a great way to showcase your level of skill and areas of expertise to a prospective or current employer. It can simply bolster your career and help you when applying for new jobs or when trying to get a promotion at your existing company. Salesforce-certified specialists are one of the most sought after lot by the employers. A Salesforce credential also offers you a competitive edge over your peers.

Here are a few reasons, stating why you need to get a Salesforce certification:

You acquire in-depth knowledge

A Salesforce certification offers you a deep understanding of the platform besides increasing your knowledge of sales and customer relations. It also helps you ponder deeper into the platform, and discover various tools which you might not have encountered before.

You gain hands-on experience

Salesforce certification training programs provide hands-on experience. The modules are packaged with live projects and case studies that include real-life examples. A Salesforce certification course comprises as much as 12 hours of the training time dedicated to live industry projects and a significant amount of time allotted for in-class Lab Practice.

Employers seek certified candidates

Salesforce related job descriptions clearly indicate that Salesforce Certification is a necessity. The Salesforce job market is hot right now, which means that there are a huge number of applicants competing for the same position and a certification helps to filter out the prospective candidates.

You can deploy efficient account planning

Preparing for a Salesforce certification helps you understand the nitty-gritty of the Salesforce platform. As a result, it enables you to quickly navigate through the application and handle customer requests rapidly and with more precision.

Your expertise gets you rewarded

Once you earn a Salesforce credential, you are in a position to help your organization optimize their Salesforce instance and customize it according to the client requirements. Salesforce certifications enhance your skills to configure Salesforce, helping you shine over others and leading you to become a star performer.

Certification communicates your expertise

The certificate tells your peers, current and potential employers that you know your stuff. There are competencies required to qualify for each exam and certification demonstrates that you know and understand these competencies.

Pays more money

The first annual Denver User Group salary survey, conducted in 2013, revealed that the average annual salary of Salesforce experts who did not have any certification was $69,600 while the average salary of those with one certification jumped to $86,850. According to, the average salary of a Salesforce Certified Developer is $108,475 per year while that of a Salesforce Certified Administrator is $89,429 per year.

High return on investment (RoI)

Salesforce certifications offer a higher return on training-related investments, as compared to other courses. Therefore, a Salesforce certification is definitely worthwhile both for an individual as well as for a business.

Offers huge scope for success

In today’s cloud computing generation, every business, whether small or large organizations, is looking for deriving the maximum out of the cloud platforms and applications in the optimum possible way. Salesforce increases the efficiency of a business and offers enormous scope for success. This, in turn, creates a huge demand for Salesforce Certified professionals and provides ample avenues for success.

Therefore, if you are already acquainted with Salesforce, and if you are great at it, you have a good chance to progress. However, if you don’t have a certification, you are certainly restricting your career from taking a potential leap. So, assess your skills and choose the right Salesforce certification to boost your career.

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