Internet of Things – Latest Trends

Internet of Things (IoT) is considered to be the next Industrial Revolution by many industry experts. If you are wondering why, then the answer lies in the fact that IoT is going to be the future of the way governments, consumers and businesses could interact with the physical world. In spite of repercussions across the business spectrum, IoT is emerging as the next technology mega-trend. By merging the physical and online worlds, it is opening up an array of new opportunities and challenges.

Latest Trends

IoT requires an extensive range of new technologies and skills to bloom in its full potential. The principles and technologies of IoT will have a very broad impact on organizations, affecting risk management, business strategy and a wide range of technical areas such as architecture and network design. As businesses are realizing the potential IoT, the top trends for the next big thing in the tech industry are as follows:

Implementation of Automated Processes

The Internet of Things can connect enterprises to capabilities without the need to manage processes manually. IoT implementations will provide transactional integrity, making it easy to construct services while bringing more data together and deriving sense out of it.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has started to play a major role in the Internet of Things by enhancing security, enabling inclusion of low-value devices to be increasingly viable besides making managing a device easier for years to come. A blockchain has the capacity to greatly impact network traffic. Therefore, it may be a potential way to quiet the network noise and optimize the IoT devices.

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Hybrid clouds are emerging as the primary model for Internet of Things. Resultantly, application programming interfaces (APIs) and an impactful strategy around them is becoming increasingly important to businesses. APIs provide an interface connecting the Internet and the things to reveal previously unseen possibilities. APIs act as the market enabler, without which IoT devices would be useless. Latest trends suggest APIs will be at the forefront of the conversation around enabling and monetizing the Internet of Things.

Cognitive IoT

Another hot IoT trend in 2018 is the cognitive Internet of Things. The cognitive Internet of Things is an approach to decipher IoT data that can effectively analyse the vast inputs while generating meaningful output. Internet of Things is expected to get smarter with time. Therefore, more value is required to be derived from the data it produces. Using cognitive computing systems that reason purposefully and interact with humans naturally will allow the exploitation of Internet of Things data to open a lot of new avenues.

IoT Security

IoT introduces new security challenges to the IoT devices themselves, in addition to their platforms and operating systems, and the systems to which they are connected. Thus, IoT security becomes a fast-evolving field that will fuel hardware and software advances through 2021.

Emphasis on Data Intelligence

2018 will be a year in which businesses would focus on making the optimum use of big data from connected devices. Nevertheless, cognitive computing and data sciences are going to emerge as the leaders in the field.

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