Python For Big Data

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Python is one of the highly used languages in today’s world of programming because of its amazing flexibility and pace in usage. According to the TIOBE index, Python is one among the top ten most popular languages in the world ranking higher than JavaScript, PERL, Ruby, MATLAB, and Visual Basic .NET by a wide margin. Python reduces the development time to almost half. Python has a unique property of being an apt general purpose programming language and highly efficient It’s easy compilation, simplicity, and open source feature makes it so handy, and hence, programmers love it as it makes them more productive.

A recent research suggests that data scientists who build and use machine learning options, with other scientific computations, have started taking Python as their first preference. Thus, it has evolved as one of the most preferred Languages for Data Analytics and the expanding search trends on Python also indicates that it is the next “Big Thing” and a must for Professionals in the Data Analytics domain.

Python’s Role in Data Market

Ever since high-end computing and quantitative analytics has evolved, Python has been used in domains like oil and gas, finance, signal processing, and physics. However, that was not the end. It was also deployed in Space Shuttle Mission Design, image processing from that of the Hubble Space Telescope, and was proved a monumental success in orchestrating the physics experiments which ultimately led to an amazing discovery i.e. Higgs Boson aka the God Particle.

On the other hand, Python was also used to develop massively scalable web apps like Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox and it still continues to be the backbone of Google’s major internal infrastructure. Also, companies like Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, Disney, and Lucasfilm ILM Studios rely solely on Python to generate ultra high-end computer graphics and imagery for major Hollywood blockbusters.

Scope in the Future

As said earlier, Python is one of the top programming languages due to its versatility and flexibility, Big Data analysts prefer it over other languages used for big data analysis. The other reason being its ability to tackle any sort of problems in almost all domains. It goes well with the existing IT environment and is completely independent of all platforms. Hence, among all the programming languages in the modern world of IT, the agility and productivity of Python-based solutions could not be paralleled so far. No matter the size of the company is, starting from large investment banks to the smallest web/app development startups depend on Python for business and data management. Hence, big data analysts and scientists are going to see a massive boom in big data jobs.

Learning Big Data is not a challenge with a great trainer and strong endeavor to outperform others in today’s competitive world. SpringPeople provides you with a world-class training environment with hands-on experience. You can enroll certification programs for Python to get an explicit understanding of the most demanding subject of the future, the big data.


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