Big Data Job Market in 2016

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Big Data is not just a buzzword anymore but Forbes suggests, it is going to be a revolution in itself. As businesses has began to gather and utilize more and more data to propel their operations, most of the companies are in mad rush to leverage big data analytics tools and techniques and of course the domain experts to gain competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, there is no denying that demand for Big Data related jobs is going to soar high in the coming years.

So what is BIG DATA?

There is huge world population and every minute loads of unstructured data, in the form of Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Youtube videos, Images, personal information, geo-positional information, etc. from computers, mobiles and other systems are being dumped in the Internet.

These volumes of stored data are high on commercial value which companies seek to tap. Business decisions can be predicted in future at an individual level by processing this BIG DATA, which is the new raw material for businesses.

BIG DATA JOB ANALYSIS (In the last 30 days)

BIG DATA is obviously the next big thing all over the world. I was wondering what would be the job situation down in Bangalore. Which are the top 2 job portals in India we know of? and, if i’m not wrong. Forget about 2012 or even the last one year; let’s talk about whats up in Bangalore in the last 30 days!

Bangalore being the IT-hub and start-up capital, the number of job opportunities in Big Data is very high compared to other cities. In places like Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon too, vacancies are good enough.

In the last one year, Big Data has been used for various marketing campaigns. E-Commerce companies, Telco’s, Advertising, Marketing, Travel companies, Banks, etc. have such huge amount of data which they could use for better purpose. They have customer information to track their behaviour and in turn use them to entice them with customised offers. For example, deals on flights, hotels and the like.

Banks use Big Data to understand their customers and serve better. For example, in order to deliver a faster service and reduce the huge number of callers who just call to get their bank balance details, every caller was first given their bank account detail as soon as they enter their customer ID.

Companies want to understand the buying habits of their specific target market. Companies like Cisco and IBM are among the top Big Data employers today.

The number of job vacancies in the range of INR 6 LPA to INR 25 LPA is high.


India will face a demand-supply gap of 2, 00,000 analytics professionals over the next three years. Even in the US, only 40 out of 100 positions for analytics professionals can be filled.

Big data is revolutionizing commerce, science, medicine, finance and everyday life.

There is not enough expertise around but there is a huge demand for BIG DATA SPECIALISTS. If you become a certified Data Analytics professional, the chances of receiving offers are enormous.

From startups to top MNCs across the globe, there are numerous opportunities to grow in terms of knowledge and remunerations. Join some cool CLASSROOM TRAININGS to upgrade yourself or learn from the list of BIG DATA ONLINE COURSES and get certified now! Big Data is in a growing stage… its the right time to buckle up, develop yourself and grow with it.

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