Challenges of Digital Transformation – Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform at your Rescue.

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform was introduced in 2013 around the same time they raised new funding of $37 million from Salesforce, NEA, and others. As more and more businesses are complex tech-driven and often on a fragmented format with multiple data sources, APIs, cloud and mobile apps they are in dire need to streamline these endpoints. Any point platform provides that API-led hyper-connectivity by connecting applications, data sources, and APIs, in the cloud or on-premises.

Although it is primarily an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) approach, Anypoint platform also is designed to be an integrated set of Mulesoft’s individual products that can be utilized separately or all on a single platform.

The current suite of tools highlighted by Mulesoft includes:

  • Mule runtime the heart of the system and claims to be industry only unified platform that combines data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs with hybrid deployment options.
  • Design center offers low-friction development tools to design APIs, implement data and application integration flows, and build connectors.
  • Management center unified web interface to manage API users, traffic, SLAs, underlying integration flows, etc.
  • Any point connectors Pre-built application connectors to popular endpoints, these are out-of-the-box connectors from Mulesoft ecosystem providing quick connectivity to thousands of REST and SOAP APIs. It also provides a DevKit and encourages developers to build their own reusable connector.
  • Any point exchanges the sharing and development platform that contains the complete listing of connectors, templates, examples, and APIs.
  • Runtime services In the cloud or on-premise suite of platform services the contains 1. Any point Fabric 2. Enterprise security 3. AnypAny point 4. CloudHub 5. Any point MQ

With Mule as its core runtime engine, the rest of the platform is built with open technologies to promote developers to collaborate and adopt.

Mulesoft illustrates this platform in

According to a recent survey by Mulesoft, 56 percent have an API strategy in place. Another 35 percent sense the urgency to have one in place by the end of 2016. Based on its survey of 800+ IT decision makers globally, there is a major disconnect between what is expected of IT by the business and what IT teams can actually deliver. Which looks like a death trap for any organization, MuleSoft can be a savior, as it makes it easy to connect the world’s applications, data and, devices. With our market-leading Anypoint Platform, companies are building application networks to fundamentally change the pace of innovation. MuleSoft API-led approach to connectivity gives companies new ways to reach their customers, employees and partners. Organizations in more than 60 countries, from emerging companies to Global 500 corporations, use MuleSoft to transform their businesses.

MuleSoft claims it currently supports billions of transactions on a daily basis, and that its software is used in production by thousands of enterprises including behemoths such as Target, Unilever, ebay and MasterCard. It is also recognized as a Leader in Gartner enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Worldwide Magic Quadrant for 2 years in a row in 2015.

SpringPeople is the Exclusive and Master Education Delivery partner of Mulesoft in India. In our instructor-led class on Mulesoft Certified Anypoint Paltform Essentials, participants will get hands-on experience in using Anypoint Studio to build integration applications to connect to SaaS and on-premise applications and data, using the Anypoint Platform for APIs to define APIs with RAML and then implementing them as web services using Anypoint Studio and APIkit and Deploying & running applications in the cloud or on-prem. The Mulesoft Anypoint Platform Development training, after you are through with the essentials, builds upon basic Mule skills learned in Mule Essentials, CloudHub Essentials, or Anypoint Platform Essentials training, and extends to advanced Mule concepts and problem solving. Many advanced development practices will be taught in addition to the specific topics listed below, as developers gain more self-sufficiency around problem solving with Mule.

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