Data Science – How The World Is Changing!

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To hear for the first time, data science sounds like just another buzzword of the tech world; a jargon too abstract and poorly defined. While data can both be complex and ill-defined but data science is anything but a buzzword. Data science is an interdisciplinary field of technological specialization about processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from structured or unstructured data. Data science and its applications have been increasingly changing the way businesses work in today’s world. Considering the fact that most of the world’s data has been created in the last few years, there is a lot of scope for growth in this field in the coming years.

As we can anticipate that this exciting field has the potential to rock the world in the offing, let’s have a look at the story how data scientists became “attractive” and how this new domain emerged.

A Brief History of Data Science

We have come to hear about the term “Data Science” only recently, which designates a new profession that is anticipated to analyze and interpret the huge stores of big data. The field is an able offspring produced by coupling the disciplines of statistics and computer science.

How Data Science is Changing the World

When we talk about Data Sciences, many of the use cases we share revolve around how this novel field is changing the way businesses operate. But data science is much more than just being restricted to businesses. It is changing the world in some exciting ways as well. So let’s take a look on some of the ways in which data science is changing our lives:

  1. Weather Prediction – Scientists use Big Data technologies to forecast weather in order to prevent disasters and help governments and other organizations take precautionary measures.

2. Crop Production – Farmers are using data sciences to enhance crop production, by leveraging a concept that collects real-time data on air quality, soil, weather, soil air quality, equipment and labor costs and crop maturity.

3. Healthcare – Data science is used in the healthcare industry for several applications. Ranging from monitoring wearable data to identifying early signs of various infections, to fighting the Ebola crisis, or predicting epidemics, data science is a major breakthrough in the health industry.

4. Education – To prevent school dropouts, edu-tech companies are attempting to leverage data sciences to make learning more effective and engaging.

The Challenge of Data Science

Practically, every sector of the economy, today, has access to more data than we could imagine even a few years ago. Nowadays, businesses are gathering new data at an ever-increasing rate that exceeds their capacity to extract value from it. However, the challenge faced by every organization is that how they can use data effectively; not just their own data, but all of the data which is available and relevant. Today, most of the businesses lack the expertise to derive value from the newly available data. Analyzing and working with this data essentializes new skills and tools.

In a time, when the demand is exceeding supply, it is important for professionals to buckle their shoes and upskill themselves in this exciting new field to see their careers taking leap in the coming years. Be the expert in data sciences with the finest training’s provided by SpringPeople and let your career soar high.

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