Dojo – Importance as a Powerful JavaScript Framework

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Dojo comes as a bundle of applications to enhance the speed in development of cross-platform, JavaScript/Ajax websites and applications. It is basically an open source modular JavaScript library, or toolkit. As it is an open source library, it can be downloaded as a ZIP for free. It includes about three thousand JavaScript modules, with additional images and other resources.

Due to its user-friendly and cross platform behavior it carries features of both HTML and JavaScript, and hence it is one of the most preferred web development language these days. Companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems, Google, Zend, Renko, Bocoup and AOL are authorized sponsors and members of Dojo. Many Fortune 500 companies have slowly started adopting Dojo, which calls for many job profiles in Dojo scripting.

Let us have a brief look at what makes Dojo so special.

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo toolkit is basically organized into different parts with different utilities.

Dojo Toolkit and its different utilities

Why should Dojo be a part of web development projects?

Different compelling features of Dojo that make it a very important part of web development are as follows:

*Undoubtedly, Dojo’s Dijit UI Framework is the biggest advantage over other JavaScript Frameworks. Its GFX library is more powerful than other popular client side vector graphic tools as it provides a usable wrapper to create vector graphic shapes for speed in development.

  • Dojo has never disappointed with its features to combat web problems. Its mobile friendly features rests in DojoX/mobile spaces, which include device detection utility, themes for Android, iOS, Blackberry and other common themes.
  • Dojo offers excellent modularity features to keep applications fast, performant and maintainable. The “”define”” method used by almost every AMD loader is incredibly simple and well structured.
  • Unlike JavaScript, which does not provide a true class system, Dojo toolkit features a class-like inheritance pattern using “”dojo/declare””. It is used all over the framework so that developers can cut down on or even discard repeated code, extend existing classes with ease for increased customization, share code modules between different projects and use “”mixins”” to share functionality amongst different other classes.

Dojo, being one of the most user friendly JavaScript frameworks has started showing the signs of replacing other frameworks in the near future. So, it is strongly recommended to acquire Dojo handling skills before it covers the IT market.

SpringPeople provides Dojo training classes to novices and professionals who wish to master Dojo. Professionals developers and architects with a comprehensive knowledge in JavaScript could be the suggested attendees. Post training, the trainees will understand Dojo’s API design tactics and feature set, master the skills involved in Dojo’s core utilities, manipulate the Document Object Model, and create and control their own class and hierarchy.

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