Emergence of Pivotal – The Journey of SpringSource

SpringSource was originally created by the founders of Spring Framework for supporting and developing Spring and its related projects. Originally incorporated as Interface 21, in the year 2008, it was renamed as SpringSource to reflect its business better than before.

The company later employed the developers of Spring as full time workers to provide consulting and training services in order to finance its activities. Spring Source later realized that the platform of choice for major Spring apps was Apache Tomcat. So, Spring merged with Covalent, the financial supporting vehicle for some of the developers of Tomcat.

Son it was followed by several acquisitions by companies like G2One, Hyperic and Cloud Foundry. Hence, SpringSource got to employ some of the lead developers and major committers of Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Hyperic, and Groovy and Grails open source communities. SpringSource had also become a participant in the Java community Process. With the help of these acquisitions, the company’s business expanded in a huge scale for its application frameworks, and named as Spring and Grails. At this time, it could offer a suite of software products across all three stages of the enterprise Java application such as, development (build), deployment (run) and management.

Later, SpringSource created two commercial server products aiming on development, such as, tc Server (a commercial version of Tomcat integrated with Hyperic) and dm Server (an OSGi based server) which proved to be commercially futile. So, after facing a loss of worth millions in development, it was donated to the Eclipse Foundation as the Virgo Project. Educational services were also launched to offer training on Apache Tomcat, Spring Framework, tc Server, and Groovy and Grails through its educational services unit Spring Source University and many other partner training providers.

In the year 2009, VMware purchased SpringSource for $420m and maintained as a separate entity within VMware. All its commercial applications were relabelled as vFabric Application Suite. It saw more acquisitions with applications like RabitMQ, Redis and Gemstone. All these products, except Redis later became a part of the vFabric Application Suite.

Finally, on April 2013 VMWare and its parent company EMC Corporation formed a joint venture with GE, and called it Pivotal. VMWare’s application oriented products including Spring were transferred to this newly formed entity.

SpringPeople partnered with Pivotal (formerly, SpringSource) in the year 2009 and became its only authorised partner in the region. We offer many Pivotal certified courses like Core Spring, Enterprise Spring, Spring Web, Spring XD, Data Science, Pivotal Cloud Foundry Immersion and so on. These courses are available for industry experienced professionals only from us.

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Founded in 2009, SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider for high-end and emerging technologies, methodologies and products. As master partner for Pivotal / SpringSource, Elasticsearch, Typesafe, EMC, VMware, MuleSoft and Hortonworks, SpringPeople brings authentic, Certified training, designed and developed by the people who created the technology, to Corporates and Development/IT Professionals community in India. This makes SpringPeople an exclusive master certified training delivery wing, and one of the hand-picked few global partners, of these organizations - delivering their immensely popular, high-quality Certified training courses in India – for a fraction of what it costs globally.

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