Top 9 Programming Languages to Learn this 2018

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There are different parameters to consider when you want to weigh one Programming Language over the other/s. This becomes a near impossible task looking at the hundred and more Programming Languages in existence. Parallel to the world of Technology, the arena of Programming Languages to is expanding to include novel trends and patterns as a direct response to increasing business requirements. What was considered a breakthrough a year before is light years away from what is vogue at present?

With many such considerations, what should you focus on? The Top Programming Languages of 2018 that are going to influence Mobile App Developers are Java, Python, C, C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, and Swift. This data has been compiled after looking at the Programming Languages that occupy top 10 in at least two indexes’ of Programming Languages: TIOBE, RedMonk or PYPL.


The popularity of Java is indisputable. 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Java for their backend development and all our Android Apps are based on it. Over 20 years old, Java is compatible across all platforms, meaning that it can run on any hardware and operating system through Java Virtual Machine. LinkedIn, eBay and Amazon are some popular websites that use this language.


If you are a beginner developer, then look no further. A python is an object-oriented, high – level, and an easy language to master. Even seasoned professionals can benefit from this language. It’s perfect for deep learning, machine learning, and data analysis apps. Python is a favorite with big players like NASA, Google, Reddit, and Instagram.


Pronounced C sharp, this language was developed by Microsoft to develop apps on its .NET platform. It is also used by Windows Applications, Android and IOS Apps with the technology from Xamarin. It is highly versatile and aspiring game developers take note: it is used in game development.


JavaScript has had a consistent presence for a long time now. Almost all websites use this programming language and it is also supported by all browsers. Its front- end frameworks such as AngularJS and React have a lot of potential as the importance of  IoT and Mobile devices are rising. If you enjoy making interactive web components, then learning this language is a plus for you.


The most popular server-side language. This Programming Language is mostly used and an important tool for website development. Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia use it for  CMS( Content Management Systems).


Even though this language is difficult to use, many large enterprises use it as it gives the programmer more control. An extension of C language, C++ is almost identical to C. The difference lies in the object-oriented feature of C++ which enables the programmer to create objects within the code. This language is used for creating Apps and Programs for diverse fields like Video games and Finance Application.


There are many languages in existence at present that allows developers to be more productive than C for different kinds of projects. However, there are many reasons why this language still continues to be relevant today. Interpreters, compilers, and libraries of other Programming Languages are implemented in C owing its impressive portability and efficiency. C is also the language through which most common ideas in Programming are expressed. Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and popular databases use C.


There are conflicting opinions when it comes to the relevance of Ruby and its framework Ruby on Rails. Still, it is a solid option for newbie developers considering that it ranks in the top 10 of TIOB and RedMonks. Few reasons why you should consider learning this language are its easy tools for automated testing, a coding language that is close to English and swift development with very less coding.


If you want to be an IOS developer, this is the language to master. Swift has seen a steady growth over the years since it was launched by Apple in 2014. The very foundation of IOS development, this language incorporates several elements from other Programming Languages including Objective C. It shows a high level of security and high code readability.

In this ever-changing scenario of Technology, it has become essential to be versed in more than one Programming Language regardless of whether you want to develop games, software or websites.

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  1. Languages used in mobile app development are increasing in popularity rapidly. Kotlin which is interoperable with Java is one such language which is becoming popular in the mobile app space. It has already been declared an official language in Android by Google. Many major apps in android like Slack, Evernote, Lyft etc are developed using it. So watch it for 2019.

  2. Great article!
    I have been looking for similar information on internet as how many and which programming languages are available to learn. Here i have found a great article you have shared good details which beginner wants to know before starting career in programming. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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