Top Web Technology Trends for 2018

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Ironically change is a constant when it comes to web development. Trends in Web development keeps changing even before they can be implemented. These are in response to the scaling user expectation and demand for more engaging & intuitive digital experience. Keeping an eye on this is essential to stay updated and for those who are in the process of designing or building their own website. Following are the top 8 Web development trends of 2018.

Progressive Web Apps

Without any dispute, the development of Progressive Apps (PWA) is one of the top web technology trends of 2018. They are regular web pages designed to emulate mobile pages in appearance & functionality with the aim of combining the advantages of both while negating any disadvantages.

Progressive Web Apps looks to bring about a Mobile app like experience to Web pages/Websites. They can load instantly, work offline as well as load on low-quality networks because of service workers.

Following are the top reasons why you should be built PWA

  1. They are very reliable be it any network condition
  2. Users can save it on the home screen
  3. Enhanced user experience which can lead to customer conversion
  4. Increased customer engagement

E-commerce website Flipkart & informational website The Washington Post experienced increased user conversion and increased user engagement respectively after they launched PWA of their websites.

Improved Online Customer Support

This year the focus is on improved customer support. It can be accomplished either by chatbot or a customer service department. A single chatbot is any day more efficient, cost-cutting and faster than a whole customer service department. Chatbots are a must-have for every website.  Regardless of your business niche, chatbots can complement your website by increasing customers interact with it. It would ensure that you are in constant touch with your customer at any particular time or situation. The chatbots would give the user the feeling that they are interacting with a human. They can efficiently handle payments, answer queries or redirect the customer to the required page. Developing Technologies like AI can increase the functionality of chatbots which in turn would radically change the way they aid business.

The Popularity of Real-time Web Apps

Though they have been around for many years, this year is witnessing an increase in demand for them. The main reason behind this is that they enable users to share information instantly which is a plus in an era driven by the need for rapid interaction.

Real- Web Apps operate by leaving open the connection between the server and the client which enables the server to push the new data once it is there. This would mean that the client doesn’t have to keep checking manually to see whether anything had happened. They were already being used by Node.js. No other language & frameworks like Ruby on Rails have started incorporating it.

Mobile- Web Development

While developing websites, the question should be How to make it work best on mobile phones? , not Will our website work on mobile phones? With the rapid boom in smartphone users, it is integral to master Mobile – Web development. How to make website content consumable in small devices should be one of the concerns of web technology this year. One of the key challenges here is to ensure that the content can be easily navigated by the use of thumb as most of the smartphone users typically use one hand to operate their smartphones.

JavaScript Improvements

JavaScript is the most preferred programming language to develop web apps. The constant development of JS-related technologies and the vast array of existing technologies ensures that this programming language will continue to trend in 2018.

JavaScript’s Angular 2 and Angular 4 are focussed on Mobile first approach which makes it integral to modern web development. Angular 2 suggests the use of TypeScript which is the most productive way to develop both medium and large web apps that are compatible with any mobile platform/ web browser. Angular 4 is faster and saves space by reducing the generated code size by approximately 60%.

Motion UI

How to make your website appear unique from thousands of websites out there without compromising its simplicity? You can do it with Motion UI. With Motion UI you can add animations to your website: background animation, page header transitions, animated charts, modular scroller and the like. These elements can bring about more user engagement.

Single Page Websites

Single Page websites are is trending this year owing to its simplicity. Get ready to see one-page websites that have all the content organized into one scrollable page devoid of any clutter. These websites are free of complex navigation, text clutter, and multiple tabs. They help business because the user gets the information consecutively and does not get distracted by jumping over to random pages. These websites, however, are not ideal for E-Commerce & Blogs.

Static Websites

Static websites are not the thing of the past anymore. They are trending this year as these websites are secure, inexpensive to develop and can load quickly. They have become more advanced with static site generators which combines the advantages of a static website and CMS. This way they will be able to cater to all types of Business.

At this juncture of Digitalisation, having a company website is critical to your image. Keeping track of these latest trends and incorporating it can mean increased user engagement with your website.

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  1. Great Post! As you said online customer support is essential for every business or website. I could see many sites still failed to carry out this online support. I hope this facility will make a better bond between the stack holders 🙂

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