Cloud Computing – Bridging the Skill Gap

Migrating into cloud infrastructure is a highly daunting task for major IT firms. In the year 2015, the IT market has seen a massive (28%) growth in demand for skilled professionals, with around 7 million vacancies around the globe. Although that was a huge requirement but most of the vacancies still went unfilled as the recruiters could not find appropriate candidates for those positions.

Why is cloud computing jobs so different?

Cloud computing is just beyond a regular IT job. Most of the existing cloud-based firms or the firms those were migrating to cloud infrastructure need experts in cloud related technologies. Gaining expertise in cloud computing is difficult because it comes in several models, each of which addresses a different audience and each of the audiences would require unique skill-sets. Traditional IT skills are majorly related to management of servers, networks and applications and are different from cloud computing.

There is a drastic shift in paradigm, and hence, the skill gap still exists. Unfortunately, this gap doesn’t seem to close for the upcoming two to three years and the demand for cloud professionals is expected to grow by 26% every year.

Steps to Bridge the Skill-Gap

Given the need for cloud-based infrastructures, the demand for cloud computing jobs is not going to decline in the near future. There are a few steps that could possibly bridge the gap and fill those 1.7 million vacancies. They are a two-prong approach as suggested by Cushing Anderson at IDC:

Providing new training and a developed certification program to the existing IT professionals.

Encouraging students to focus on development of IT skills needed for cloud computing.

So far, both Microsoft and Cloud Credential Council have considered them as a subject of prime importance and have come up with cloud certification programs both for IT professionals and middle school students to help them focus on cloud-friendly skills.

Cloud computing manpower forms the bottom line of a company. Therefore a cloud-savvy workforce is an essential ingredient for proper financial health of an IT company, says Anderson.

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