Social Networks: Bringing Exceptional Realities To Life

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Today, we live in a powerful world. Sitting in India, you and I have the digital prowess to globally fund raise for a cause. Long distance is only a WhatsApp call away. Our Hangouts with friends aren’t held in cafes alone. It is possible to be part of the Pride parade in Canada right from the comfort of our homes. On the business side, an increasing number of organizations rely on online team collaborations,Webinars and Skype meetings. Working from home is now a functional possibility. In short, our worlds have shrunk and we got Social Networks to thank for it.

While the Internet empowered us with information access, Social Networks have transformed how the world connects. Perhaps the biggest and most undeniable boon of the Social Network is increased connectivity. All our lives have been altered. Even those completely offline have been touched by the potential of Social Networks. When an earthquake causes devastation in Nepal, the global community sends in resources – monetary and material – to help Nepal rebuild itself. The power of this medium makes everything a click away with the right intent.

Beyond the connect, Social Networks have proved to be mighty enablers of political change. The uprisings in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt in 2011 relied on online networks to get the message out and garner support. The “Arab Spring” driven by public outrage and stoked by online networking brought about some real change in governance.

Connectivity and enablement has also had a major impact on Learning and Development (L&D). In the past few years, SpringPeople has seen a gradual dissolution of the limitations to learning. Considerations like location of learning centers, outdated information, time zones and resources no longer limit learning options. The world of eLearning has been completely revolutionized by online collaboration, real-time feedback and availability of creative tools for generating learner engagement.

Broadened possibilities in L&D have created a whole new batch of careers. Big Data Analysts, Digital Marketers, Data Science Managers, Social Media Managers, SEO Specialists are just some of the new career options that are open to job aspirants through online training. The future holds similar career inventions thanks to imminent developments. As per a Statista report, by 2018, 2.44 billion people are expected to be Social Network users. In 2010, this number was only 970,000 people. The enormous transformation in numbers points to potential Big Data on user behavior that will be available to be analyzed and used in a variety of ways. These specialists will be high in demand. Keeping in line, SpringPeople, offers excellent trainings on Big Data Science and Data Analysis among others courses.

No matter what field one is in today, there is always a propitious element of Social Network waiting to be accessed and leveraged. For instance, doctors you ‘d think have little to do with Social Networks. On the contrary, a doctor can often Tweet about a rare surgery so students across the world can benefit or treat a patient from overseas once medical records are accessible through IoT.

The playing fields for businesses have been leveled as well. Global footprints are no longer a distant dream for SMBs. Just like SpringPeople, a business with the right strategic focus and an excellent business offering, can coordinate operations out of three locations, spread nationally and internationally.

Our lives have been totally transformed by this, once ineffable, online reality created by digital connectivity that transcends time belts. Social Networks have already proved that they can no longer be ignored and they are sure to impact our lives in more ways than we can fathom, positively or otherwise. Therefore, a basic understanding of Digital Management is essential to successfully deal with the opportunities and challenges that Social Networks will bring our way in the times to come.

SpringPeople strongly recommends getting certified in Digital Marketing or one of the other future oriented careers to impact change globally. The courses are offered in different locations and time slots to suit participant availability.

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